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Cough Virus

I am new here and doing my best to support my 86 years young Mum!

Has anyone had experience of the awful cough virus that has been doing the rounds? My 86 year old Mum has been laid low for 3 weeks and just getting better now. A herbalist recommended CoEnzyme Q10 to help on the path to recovery and I must say after taking it for 24 hours I found my energy levels returning, Mum may take a bit longer but the colour is coming back to her cheeks now. Worth the £8.99 investment!

Any other tips gratefully received!

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It's certainly going strong round here! Everyone I know either has it or is just getting over it. It seems to last 3 - 4 weeks whatever you do. Presumably that's how long the virus takes to get out of your body.

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