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Carers Credits petition

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"The government must do more ensure approximately 237,000 carers receive National Insurance (NI) credits to their state pension. It's estimated that as many as 95% of the 250,000 carers who could get Carer's Credits are not receiving them. They may retire on a lower state pension as a result.

Figures from 2015 showed only 5% of eligible carers were receiving Carer's Credits:

The estimate of only 5% of the estimated 250,000 eligible carers claiming Carer's Credit was provided by DWP from the Family Resources Survey 2014-15, published in June 2016."

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Feels like something which should be better publicised.

Carers save the government billions through looking after loved ones who would otherwise need the state to support care costs. They're incredibly busy, so it's hardly surprising they miss completing yet another form - it's terrible if they're missing out on pension as a result.


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