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Increasing problems from peripheral neuropathy

I am 84 years old and have severe peripheral neuropathy which has now progressed to the point of severe pain and numbness in my legs and feet as well as my hands.. I am finding it increasing difficult to walk.. I have also in the past two years been diagnosed with possible lupus. I would like to try hemp oil but I have read that you should not use it if you are taking aspirin.. I take one 81 mg coated aspirin daily.. I am anxious to try the hemp oil. Would you know of any reason why the hemp oil cannot be taken while on aspirin..I am desperate to find something for relief. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't know about combining the two but maybe you could consider medicinal marijuana in a cough drop form, of course if you can get it.


Dear Tibbymay,

Firstly....I am so sorry that you have had to endure this amount of pain. My mom is 83 and I know it must be very difficult some days to simply get out of bed. Kudos to you for seeking help!

I am not familiar with hemp oil and aspiran but I think a phone call to a pharmacy may get you closer to your answer. I live if Canada and spoke to my doctor about medical marijuana. There are some strains that have primarily CBD...cannabinol. I use a vaporizer so it's sort of like using a puffer. You breath the vapour from the weed into your lungs. It helps quite a bit for me.

Hope this is helpful, Jennie


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