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Six months to live!! That was 20 Months Ago***

Been battling lung cancer for 16 years now, and had every treatment from surgery to remove lower lobe to cyber knife to ultra high frequency (Radar oven waves) to boil the cancerous growth to advanced radiation....All worked and stopped the cancerous growths. It just kept coming back. Twenty months ago I was told by by oncologist that the cancer spread from my lungs to the lymph nodes and gave me six months!!! The one thing I love is swimming and swam at least 5 times a week, but when put on oxygen 24/7 five years ago, all I could do is soak my feet and limit my self to the length of the oxygen tube, so I decided to buy something for my tank to take in the pool with me. Searched every where, Oxygen suppliers, carrying cases and searched the web, but found only traces of someone trying to make one. I decided to make something for myself! That was 4 years ago.....Have made over 300 cases since then, some were passable, but all had a flaw or fault.........Till I designed this last one, it works perfect. Yes, I still swim and I truly believe that this is what keeps me alive....My Grand kids and daughter also help me in this project. You can learn more at: ebay.com/itm/281767299368?s... Saw my Oncologist Dr Garja four months ago and he told me to keep doing what I am doing and I do just that.

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Dear Pollie00, Fantastic story! Just goes to show you that you can't always trust what the docs say! Kudos to you for finding a way to keep yourself going! My best to you...,;o)


I am not being for cancer now....Been told I have the shingles.....Damm painful, taking gabapentin for pain and been swabbing myself with that capason (haberneno extract) cream.. Oncologist getting inquisitive, scheduled me for a P.E.T. scan early next month. HMMMMM, wondering myself!!!

ion cream all helps... Scheduled


Pollie OO,

Thank you for being such an inspiration. All power to you. A real lesson to those of us who like myself have complained about taking even one certain medicine.!! It makes me ashamed of myself. Thank you for sharing your story and may God bless you with any more years.