I live in Miami wouldtaken like to get more info and a Dr. who treats nearby

I have it in my legs more in my right leg. I have tried everything but my legs are sensitive to the touch. I sometimes get the massage but it lives my legs burning up. I also am a diabetic and have naturopothy which cause my feet some pain. I have taken some advice but it has been a long and painful road. I can use the stockings for a little while and the wrapping was not for me. Dr's here in the U.S.A. are clueless. It is nice to know there is a place like this site for comfort and info.

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  • Goodtimes: I live in Miami. Do you have GCA and or PMR? The following doctor diagnosed me with GCA and PMR in about 15 minutes. Center for Arthritis & Rheumatic Diseases7190 SW 87th Ave. Ste 304 Miami, FL 33173 (305) 661-2299 (Office) ext. 4 for an appt. (305) 661-0851 (Fax). The individual doctor was Dr. Gregory Bell. He's excellent. His center has lots of services. He can X-ray your spine, do a bone density, etc. Now I go to the University of Miami Hospital Health Center. I see Dr. Elaine Tozman, also a rheumatologist. I had a hematologist at UM. He wanted to monitor me. I wound up with a Neuro-Opthalmologist at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. It's also UM. I had good insurance, but it was Aetna. (Now I'm on Medicare.) It seems as if UM Health Center takes lots of insurance. So it all dove tailed into having the UM Health Center take care of me. They have a system where every doctor can see what all the other doctors have done. And I love Dr. Tozman. For an appt. at UM Health Center go to this Website: uhealthsystem.com/appointme... Good luck. Feel free to get back to me.

  • thanks for the info will get on it this week..very frustrating to find good people to help with this disorder..will keep in touch

  • Sorry Goottimes. Usually I check this Website and go directly to PMRGCAUK.com or something like that. It talks about PMR and GCA. Probably my advice to you is off point.

  • Dear goodtimes, I live in the US also, but in the State of Michigan, which, I'm sorry, doesn't help you! All I can suggest is going on the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) web-site for information as to a neurologist in your area. Also, if you don't know about it already there's the Living With Ataxia web-site (like this UK Ataxia site) that might be helpful to you. My best to you..., ;o)

  • thanks for the info