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Update following GOSH appointments yesterday

Everything went well with the ultrasound scan, and she was very well behaved like usual. She has become a pro!

Dr Hussain in Endocrine was pleased with her progress and we are aiming to reduce her diazoxide in half term. Her HI is becoming milder!

We then went to medical illustrations and had photos taken of her mouth and teeth. This is so she can be compared in a couple of years time! All in all, a positive day at GOSH!

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Great news! Glad the HI is improving. Its amazing how quickly some of the kids get used to the scans. Although we had to play "lets see what's in Daddy tummy" with a home made U/S machine and some jelly a few times..very messy but it did the trick!!


It helped when I was pregnant with my 2nd, as she came to a lot of my scans so realised that it wasn't so bad. She made a very funny comment yesterday - when they scanned her kidney she looked at me with a big smile and said "I have a baby in my tummy - look!" Made me and the sonographer giggle!

She had a trainee and a consultant yesterday and they took almost 45 minutes, She didn't even move so I was very proud!


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