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What are the chances of 2nd baby having BWS

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Hi my name it's Mary I'm 26, I have a 7 yr old with BWS, she was diagnosed with BWS while I was 4 months pregnant. She's had a lot of medical problems in the past from before she was born till she was 3 yrs old and she still has a long road ahead of her, a couple more surgerys, but for the most part the worst is behind her.But me and My husband are thinking of having another child but haven't decided yet since are daughter still needs procedures but My question is does anyone know what the Chances are of having a second child with BWS. Or what steps we should take or who to see to get some answers .

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Hi Mary, we see a geneticist in Charleston SC with our 6 year old with BWS. We also have an 11 year old who does not have BWS. We participate in genetic screening studies for research at Medical University of South Carolina and we had the opportunity to have our genes mapped for free which confirmed the previous info we were given on the statistics of BWS. It is a random occurrence disorder and there is no info to suggest that the chances are any higher for other pregnancies. I hope this helps and I wish you luck :)

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Hi Mary,

I can share my experience as my son is also suffering from BWS.

My doctor told me that the chances for next child getting BWS is very less. But better go for proper scanning(colour scanning ) in third month of pregnancy.

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Hi my two children have bws..one is 12 now attending a main street high school...my other son is 8 and still attends main stream school...

Bothhad large tongues and kidneys..attended scans and blood tests every 3 months...

Both suffered fromhernias..

Younger son had an examphalous when he was born ..bowel and liver outside his tummy...

So now has no belly button but list to get one...

First year both were tube fed..

Very scary firsyears...but now big strong boys...

Very tall both of them now

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