Hi, my baby is 3 month old. The AFP decresed from 54000 to 19000 in only 2 months that is good, but her US was really bad. They found 5 liver tumors. The last US was 2 months ago. Anybody knows if cancer tumors can be developed really fast (in only 2 months)? o they can be hemangiomas? Anybody has experience with multiple liver tumors? This week she will have a MRI with and w/o contrast to know if it is cancer. Thanks.

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  • Im so sorry about your little one. May God give you strength to go through this and heal your sweetheart...

  • So sorry to hear this. Yes it could be hemangiomas as BWS is a risk factor for these as well as hepatoblastoma. The scan should give you more information but if they think it is hepatoblastoma they may do a biopsy to confirm. Early stage hepatoblastoma has a 90% survival rate. But hopefully it won't turn out to be this. Wishing you all the very best...keep in touch.

  • I wish you all the best for your little one. Sending you my warmest thoughts from Sweden!

  • Thanks, the MRI confirm that they are hemangiomas!!!

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