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Tinnitus and microsuction


Hi advice please! I had a bad ear infection several weeks ago, had my ear flushed then had microsuction, my ear seemed to get better but last week I have developed tinnitus in that ear, a high pitched ringing. I think there is some debris still in my ear but I’m wary of getting microsuction again, does anyone think there is a link here? Advice please!

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You have some options here. You can give it time and see if it goes away naturally. Perhaps the micro suction just irritated it somehow in which case it sometimes takes even months to go back to normal. Or you can ask for them to take another look. They will just put a small camera inside your ear and look for any impacted wax or pieces of wax that might be touching your eardrum, etc.

Hi Mrs Rose.... I had microsuction 2 weeks ago and have had a ringing in my ear since... like you sometimes I wonder if there was any wax still in there, but he took before and after photos, and it was completely clear.... he spent along time on the bad ear, just hoping and praying the ringing will ease up... don,t want microsuction done again...🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️....

Hello there

I Can’t understand why you would have micro-suction for a ear infection normally you get a infection from having your ear syringed water gets left in the ear canal which is a breeding ground for infections then the wax comes back if you have a infection you are given drops to clear it possible you have the wax come back which is pressing against your ear drum having micro-suction is much cleaner then syringing I had the same problem and developed a ear infection which I had to see a consultant because it was bad he took a sample and found the right drops to clear it I actually got Tinnitus from either the infection or flu but I did get caught in a cycle of wax infection wax infection.

It would be a good idea to get it looked at again it doesn’t mean you have Tinnitus it could be wax or the infection has come back.

Wishing you good health


Hi I had microsuction last September for a blocked ear and developed tinnitus straight after and had it ever since mine is a high pitched tone in one ear and crickets in other seen ENT and said nothing that can be done ,thing is my ears are filling up with wax again and very wary of having microsuction again in case it gets louder so know how you feel

I had my ears syringed 4 years ago due to a lot of Ear vax. I had at the same time a bad throat infection. After this syringe I got an inner middle Ear infection and severe tinnitus. Bad timing 😩 I am still suffering with tinnitus and cannot pop my ears.

Hi Mrs Rose I would ask your ENT to take a photo of inside your ear, I’ve had that done , but not sure where you live . I’ve sort of had a similar situation, four years ago my ear wouldn’t unblock so I had a grommet put in my ear which unfortunately gave me tinnitus . It’s a high pitched sound. I then went on to have the grommet taken in and out 3 times, a stapadectomy, a cochlear implant . Taken out due to so much pain and now onto my second cochlear implant . So it’s been a journey, now have pain and tinnitus ... but after lots of tears , finally accepting and tying to move forward. Good luck with everything ... I hope the Dr can get the wax out!

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