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mertzapine and tinnitus


Sorry everyone one last post .. has anyone had much success with mirtzapine tabs for anxiety and sleep?

Thanks Jenny

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Hi my psychiatrist said it wouldn’t work on the anxiety as well as the sertraline he prescribed. I had mirtazipine only 2 doses last year from my GP but the side effects were awful. What have your team suggested to you?

1Dar in reply to Chall11

Hi can I private message you or am I private messaging you ?


Chall11 in reply to 1Dar

Yes of course. No this is not private i don’t think

In low dose it is useful for sleeping. In high dose it has a lot more side effects and no sedative impact. Not a go to for anxiety.

I take them.when my T is so bad They do not help but the rest of the time I sleep.sometimes I have a night that I’m awake all the night.and in the morning when I go to take my meds there are my night time meds still there so I know that I can’t sleep with out them.

I found them very useful with anxiety and sleep.

If you want to end up like someone from “ the walking dead” tv series, take it!!!! Otherwise avoid like the plague, with the anxiety side of things I cannot believe o am saying this but what helped me as at the time I was “ gripped” by anxiety was , anxiety meditation, it took some doing but I got there in the end, as regards mirtazepine really knocked me off completely and not even a large dose , good luck in your quest.

I have been taking it for a couple of years 30mg. I find it works for me. I do know someone who took it but did not like the side effects and stoped.

Jenny - have looked at mirtazipine and its variations but was worried about the long list of "possible" side effects.

My Tinnitus expert has recommended other methods of preparing for sleep

1Dar in reply to BlueGolfer

Hi Blue Golfer I have shocking tinnitus and pain in my right ear after 7 operations ... having big trouble sleeping lately and pretty anxious , even 10 mgs tamazapan doesn’t do much. Going to give CBD drops a go. I’m hoping to wean myself off the other drugs so hoping the CBD drugs will help. Live in Australia so the drops are a bit hard to get. Thanks for your message !

LaurenCB108 in reply to 1Dar

My husband takes CBD (not hemp CBD) for ulcerative colitis. He was on regular meds for 20 years. He has strong symptoms if he stopped even for a day. Now, with CBD he is off his meds completely and doing great. He even went 6 mo taking nothing. But it returned. It does not get him high. I take a couple of them periodically if I want a good nights sleep and and they work like a charm. We take CBD infused in coconut oil in a cap. 7-10 mgs per cap. Haven't tried the tincture yet. The tinnitus keeps me up sometimes, this is a good non-pharma option.

1Dar in reply to BlueGolfer

Just out of curiosity would you like to share what he said ... but you may not feel comfortable . Thanks

1Dar in reply to BlueGolfer

Hi would you mind telling me what your dr said helped you to sleeP ? I know everyone is different but advice is always helpful. Many thanks Jenny

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