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New low vibration sounds


I have noticed that quite a lot of people are posting about new noises they are experiencing, and it’s also happening to me. After sort of habituating to more higher pitch tinnitus in both ears (a range of noises both ears). I am now picking up a lower vibration hum.

I know that our brain tries to trick us with new noises when we’re under stress so I am trying to put it down to that. I have researched 5G and it’s not available yet where I live and I don’t fancy going down that rabbit hole either.

The new noise started last weekend after a stressful time, but it’s not settled down yet. Unfortunately back on the diazepam temporarily so I don’t freak out so much. Wondering if it’s all part of the PTSD and anxiety etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. Caroline x

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Yes, I've been replying to comments that relate to this same issue, as I've recently acquired the same symptom. I've had T for over 20 years. It's been high pitched. Over a year ago, I had some spells of low woofing (thumping)pulsatile T, but it would go away. That seems to be triggered by some physical stress or movement.

I've recently picked up the midrange hum. It pulsates. I though at first, I was hearing a motar in the distance but it's in my ear. Today, it feels like it's actually vibrating my right ear. At first I couldn't tell which ear it was, and only noticed it at night. I'm still looking for a commercial refrigerator compressor in the neighboring buildings, or a diesel powered ship on the bay, but I'm pretty sure now, its in my ear.

Coincidently, it coincides with the roll out of our 5G network. New towers being put up overnight, and they are much closer together than 4G.

I've had plenty of trama over the past 20 years, so I don't think it's simply stress hormones. Something is different about this new sound and we aren't the only ones experiencing it.???????????

Thank you for your reply. It’s very odd and I hope it settles. There’s no 5G round here yet but it doesn’t make it any less bothersome!

Mine started on thursday night and keeps coming and going. It's awful. Ive also noticed a lymph nodes infront of my ear is swollen. I feel your frustration x

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That’s annoying for you, hope it settles soon!

I have the same problem with new noises and I wish I knew the answer to it all

Am at the moment a stage of T so loud can’t sleep it to my 4th night with no sleep am so tired last time this happened nearly 2 weeks i was a mess.

Stay safe

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Sorry to hear that Joeb17. Could you get some support with it? I had to go down the route of mental health support as it was so severe in early days. Very important to get help if you can. Good luck

I have had this happen this week too. It started off as a low rumbling in my left ear but now is a very loud rumbling in my right ear. It sounds like an outdoor electricity generator, like when you stand close to one at a funfair or something. It's so loud sometimes it feels like my whole head (and occasionally even my whole body) is vibrating like when you stand next to a generator too. :(

I don't know what's caused it or how to get rid of it. Nothing I've tried so far seems to work. If you do figure it out, let me know. It's driving me absolutely insane.

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I am wondering if it is a spike in the Schuman resonance (of the Earth). I don’t know much about it but it’s a low frequency sound apparently

Hi Caroline,

If it is anything like mine then it is 100 per cent stress related as I also began to notice changes after being able to cope for 25 years. I am absolutely positive it is nothing to do with 5G as people were getting tinnitus well before that was around.

I also resort to diazipam occasionally but am aware how habit forming it can become if not careful so I tend to take it for two day maximum.

The current situation is maximising stress and something like tinnitus with it being there 24/7 anyway makes itself felt more than normal. A long way to go yet but I am finding that as I get just a little bit more accepting the lockdown my stress levels fall just a little bit by bit and the T is less troublesome.

My one big thought all the while is that T is not trying to do me any harm and, daft as it may seem, this makes it just that bit more acceptable and every little bit helps.

Never be afraid to talk to others (who may not have it) it can help your thoughts.


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Thanks John. That’s very useful. 🙏🏼

I think all sorts of things affect it. Both in nervous system and environment once we are sensitized. Its like a phone screen once its cracked. I bet sleep helps. It stops me sleeping. Diazepam makes you more wired after a few hours and could be affecting it... but i know why you use it at night. Traumatic stress affects it and it increases stress. All i can say is i understand. Distraction is best. Sketching helps me. Mines more hyperacusis only at night, but they are similar. Stay off screens after 4pm...i think using mobile phone internet visual screen/ microwave stimulation increases it. Its like a inflammatory response. Do antihistamines effect it? I heard paracetamol can help.

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Thank you Constanzi, that’s very useful to know. Yes once my nervous system is in hyper drive a can feel and hear the fridge downstairs vibrating. So I know it’s my nervous system and then the slightest noise or vibration I pick up on it. It’s good to know about others ways of coping. Thanks again


Hi Caroline - thank you for posting your experience. I would have to echo Arthur's response - we know that tinnitus has been reported for centuries and it would make sense that periodic fluctuations in people's awareness of their tinnitus have also been around. For that reason, I find it difficult to believe that 5G has anything to do with people's tinnitus sounds changing of late.

Everyone's response to Lockdown, Covid-19 and the issues it has presented is different, but any stress or anxiety relating to those new and very different challenges seems a more likely culprit than a mobile phone technology.

The World Health Organisation has some interesting guidance on this which people might want to take a look at -

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Thank you. Very much appreciated. I was definitely going through some major stress and upset when the “new noise” started.

Hi Caroline , I’ve had tinnitus for nearly 4 years, thought I would have habituated by now , but I think it’s getting worse , I’ve had 7 operations on my ear , and now onto my second cochlear implant ... the first one was painful

I feel for you having it in both ears, do you wear hearing aids ? I take Valium too and I’m sure a lot of people out there take it . anything to get them through the day. What is 5 G .. I’ve never heard of that. I have just applied for CBD oil and have been given the approval by the Government ... so I will let you know how it all goes. It’s a whole new experience for me , can’t believe how it’s all come to this. It all started with a grommet in my ear!

Anyway just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone . Take care ... Jenny

I'm just checking back to see if their has been any change in your lower pitched T. Mine has become louder in the past week. I'm wondering if the lower pitched sound which is like a moter, is caused by the same thing that causes the high pitched T.?

Allthough this issue is not still coming up on Healthunlocked, I think it deserves a closer look.

The only suspects I've found yet are:


-5G. The new cellular network with many more much smaller waves and towers?

-Ear buds used while watching videos?

-My Stenosis on C-5 C-6 ?

Hiya. As my stress reduced around a particular issue it is much less now. There a no 5G round here so gladly it wasn’t that.

Hi Chall, glad to hear you are doing better.

If I may circle back to report my findings on 5G. "The rabbit hole". It's more likely that I have a mechanical problem in one ear. I will need to follow up with my audiologist after the shelter in place. The cell phone towers have had problems since the covid 19 shutdown do to under staffing, but it's more likely the older networks malfunctionings that would cause problems, than the new.

So the rabbit hole is my ear.


Ringing 1212

Hiya thank you for your reply. It’s sometimes settling to know what the cause is, sometimes not! How do you feel about your discovery? I think what I meant about the rabbit hole was the conspiracy theory type stuff. In that, if those kind of things were true about 5G we would be royally f***t!! For me it always comes back to my stress, the limbic system, fight/fight/freeze response and the damage that was done by the labyrinthitis infection.

Hope you’re able to get in with the audiologist soon. All the best!

Hi Chall, Escapism is good as long as I can effectively accomplish it, but with T, it keeps building, asking of my brain to muster more coping skills, wondering all the while, if I’ll be able to manage it.

It’s likely my T is a result of me doing something stupid. My high pitched ringing is centralized, and most likely a result of stenosis in C5 C6. Extreme sports, etc.

The newly acquired, lower pitched pulsatile T, now appears to be coming from the right side, this indicating a mechanical problem in my ear, rather than with the towers.

As for conspiracy theories, most of what I hypothesize is based on research and data. Truth is stranger than fiction, but it can drive me nuts, when my friends rant about reality as they become fanatically caught up in today’s madness.

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