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Night night. Time for bed.

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I was listening to a chap talking about mental health. Us T sufferers know all about that. He was saying that Sleep in the bedrock for good mental health. Bad sleep affects your immune system, stops your brain sorting out the days events, effects your ability to concentrate, sleep deprivation will kill you more quickly that food starvation and is also linked with types of cancer!! Factor in the grumpiness and depression and it is really bad news.

Hope i haven't frightened anyone.

When i started my T journey I needed zopiclone to knock me out. I now sleep ok on 15mg of mirtizipne and a sound box playing wave noise. I do go to bed pretty exhausted most days as I keep busy. The T is loud and it still amazes me that my brain will shut off and let me sleep

Most nights I get 8hrs. For this I am truely grateful as it must be hell for the Ts with insomnia.

I am happy to take the mirtazipine and it works for me. It got me thinking, how do the rest of my cyber buddies approach the issue of sleep? Do you get it? Do you dread going to bed? What is your drug of choice? Does herbal T do it for you? Does your GP give you options? Any useful tips etc.

Happy new year to all.

Wishing you peace and quiet in 2020

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Hi Ade

I sleep with absolutely no trouble at all. I do take 20mg of amitriptyline at night when I remember! I'm able to sleep with or without it. Must be hell for those with t that can't sleep. I don't use any sound therapy during the night either as I wouldn't be able to hear it without my aids in. Can't even hear my alarm when it goes off in the morning, have to rely on Hubby to wake me. Good thing is tonight I won't hear all the fireworks going off, which have already started.

I can't believe its 9.15pm on New Years Eve and I'm logging in to this Forum! Hubby and I decided not to go out this year for various reasons, t not being one of them. Really couldn't be bothered this year. Hopefully next year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and here's hoping that we can all find relief from this dreadful noise in 2020.

amitriptyline seems to be used by a lot if people for a variety of things. Glad you are sleeping well. One if life's great pleasures.


Amitriptyline seems to be the go to drug. I was sitting at work and we were talking about medication and out of 6 of us 5 were on it! All for different things! Strange how it’s prescribed for many different things, probably when the GP’s don’t know what else to give.

Just glad I can sleep 💤

My wife takes 30mg for sleeping/pain. GPs seems to have their individual rules. Mine gave me a lengthy supply of zopiclone. My friend,s GP refused him as he said they were addictive and they became less effective over time.

Most of the 6 people (aged 50 to 60) in work group, have issues with sleep. Either waking up very early or not being able to get to sleep. You think you would have it sorted by now. Lie flat, close eyes , sleep. Why should it suddenly become so difficult for no reason. I understand if you have T or similar but they say it just started in their 50s.

Anyway, we are for now in the sleeping group. I count this as a blessing and do not take it for granted. Regards


Mirtazipine-and a regular wind down technique of bath to help with pain. I will then bead til tired with tv on in background. Fit bit for alarm plus several devices set 5 mins later

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Tinnitus and pain . not a good mix to have to deal with. Hope that 2020 is good for you


hi to all, please do your research on Amitriptyline and mirtazapine....good luck to all that are taking any drugs, mirtazapine was possibly/probably the cause of my ear "malfunctions"... I cant trust these meds after what they have caused to millions.....stay safe

Thanks. I got my T before i started mirtizipne. If you look st the list of drugs that may cause T then it is extensive. Very are without possible side effects.

How is your sleep?


all depends....mostly about a couple of hours a night, once i'm awake thats usually it, whether its 2am or 6am...but with an indica i can sleep for about 6hrs..but hey, ma bad

I need 8hrs. Don't know how you manage on less. Respect!!

As the night approaches, the fear of a patient increases (tinnitus), as the pain increases and the night lasts, which is very frightening

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