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Stress stress go away!


I have tried my best to stay stress free because I know it makes my T worse but now I’m faced with my mother who is passing away from cancer and nothing is working for me and my T is off the charts! Can’t sleep and nothing is drowning out the sounds anymore! I don’t know what to do , my doctor gave me 2 mg of Valium but that’s not helping... do you have any suggestions? I’m really desperate .. thank you

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Hello Caligirlr, I am in the similar boat with my parents, they have been in and out of hospital since 2015, and are now in a care home withering away. My tinnitus arrived in October 2018 and stress is apparently the key factor.

Anyhow, if the maskers aren't working have you tried listening to two pieces of music at the same time - it's a bit of a racket! I do this occasionally and try to get my brain to concentrate on picking out the tunes. I just play two YouTubes on my laptop when I'm really desperate. The best idea is to get somebody else to choose the tunes so that your brain is really working on deciphering what they are rather than focussing on the tinnitus.

Since October my tinnitus has settled, cutting down on caffeine helped to calm me down generally - I was drinking about 8 cups a day!

I hope you find something to help you.

this sounds like a good idea. ill give it a go. thanks. Ade

Thank you I will cut out the coffee and look up some of these videos, I know this will help me focus .. thank you so much hope everything goes well for you .I’m going to stay positive and cutting out the caffeine will help so no more coffee for me . Thank you again I appreciate all the help

We can speak about this problem and find some interesting view on this situation But I will not help. And we should work with it every day. You won't change all this in your life in a few weeks. Just try to work every day. Use only good information to reach your goals like and after this, you will understand all the complexity of this cool life.

I sympathise and empathise with your situation., bless you. The main thing to always be mindful of is that your T will settle once your stress levels are alleviated. I can see that this is not at all easy, and if you have a faith in God, a higher power etc, that helps. If you believe and tell yourself this will pass, it will. This is how I have coped with my stress induced T. There are other things I believe help T, if you read my other posts. Julian Cowan Hill is my number 1 expert on stress and T on youtube. Watch his videos if you haven't already and a small dose of diazepam 2mg which your gp had prescribed won't do any harm. Short term it's an effective anxiolytic. x

Thank you and yes I do believe in God and he does help me , thank you for the video I will watch it for sure ! This will pass .., thank you for responding to me I appreciate it !

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had tinnitus for 25 years but the last6 weeks have been hell. My mother was admitted to hospital and sadly died. Although she was 97 it was still a total shock . This has raised my tinnitus levels so that it affects my sleeping pattern. In the end I went to the doctors for some zopiclone ( sleeping tablets) and luckily she prescribed some, mostly for my bereavement not for the tinnitus .

I am now trying to occupy my self and have taken up quilting, as my daughters bought me a sewing machine for Christmas . That does help. I just need to think that this is a phase and the tinnitus will tone down when I feel more relaxed. But bereavement is not a mixture for tinnitus

Hang in there

Thank you, sorry for your loss, I am an artist and have not picked up a brush in over a year but I think I’m going to get back in it again , it makes me feel good .. I know this is due to all the stress and I will overcome it , my doctor gave me Valium 2mg and it’s helping me with the stress and I feel very blessed to have this support group because nobody can relate with me on what I go though,Thank you again for your support it really means a lot.

Harleydog in reply to Caligirlr

Yes. Definitely pick up your brushes. I go to art lessons once a week and that has been a godsend. Got lots of friends there and we have a great laugh at some of our art works. Laughter is a great stress reliever.

Thank you I need that

Hi, Caligirlr,

I know exactly what you're going through. I lost my father last February, 3 days before his 91st birthday. The anxiety and stress of seeing him decline in hospital ramped up my tinnitus. I just had to battle though, seeing to his needs before mine. I also had months of sleeplessness but I didn't go to the doctor because I don't want to go down the pill route. I got through it by taking it one day at a time and doing just what needed to be done. Taking a much needed holiday 6 months later helped also.

My advice would be to pick your preferred method of distraction and focus on that. Even if it's just for an hour a day it will help. The best I can offer you now is a virtual comforting hug.

Respectfully submitted,


Thank you Keoni I will do that and thank you for the virtual hug! Just knowing that I’m not alone really helps me . We all suffer in different ways but what we have in common is T .. thank you again for your support I really appreciate it !


Iam a new member, and wondered do you go to tinnitus group meetings , if so does this help any

Caligirlr in reply to Hidden

I don’t go to support group meetings, I do have a few friends from this online group and I don’t know what I would do without them, it always helps when you can talk with others , I do wish I could find one

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