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Thinking of quiting work can't cope


Hi all first post here, after 20 years of dealing with this personal intrusion and a sudden spike in the loudness of my tinnitus I cannot deal with the day to day running of my life anymore, I cannot cope with doing things like cooking, cleaning and personal care my mood is so low I just don't have the energy or mental concentration to function at all.

Iv decided to quit my part time job as it stresses me out just thinking about the place I work, financially I'm screwed but mentally and emotionally it will help so much no having to think or worry about my performance and attendance record in work.

Has anyone else quit work because they just can't cope any more and how did it work out for you, I live alone so don't need much to survive I just want to be in a good mental place for once.

Regards Andrew

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Im so sorry you are having a hard time coping with T I know I have days like that but I try to push though it but easier said than done, I too quit my job because I could not focus and I’m deaf in one ear and when people would talk to me I could not understand what they were saying because of the noises so I was drained and tired of it but since then I did find things that helped me cope and had to give up a lot , coffee, chocolate, salt,loud noises and the big one is stress , I changed the way I eat and exercise , it’s a life change . You are not alone we all suffer here in different ways but knowing you can talk to others who experience this tinnitus gives me a little peace. I hope and wish you well

Thanks for taking the time to reply

Hi Andy

I started a thread a while ago asking people what they do to support themselves whilst struggling with T, which I thought be useful for your current quandary.

in reply to Ruud1boy

Thanks I will go take a look

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