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Tinnitus much worse after a ear exercise


I got tinnitus three months ago from ear infection in right ear. Then tinnitus get in the other ear. Someone recommend me the exercise .. By closing the ears with thumb and nose with finger and mouth full of air and bend the head. After a while the air to blow out from nose. Now my left ear has got full after three days and tinnitus got much worse. Now I can hear it at everything. What do u thing what have happened... I am really curious and depressed

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If that can affect your T, maybe it's something that could be detected by a "good " ENT. When you say bending your head, you mean neck, right?

Yes... What could have been the reason... Are we t people diffey than normal people..is there any permanent damage occured

When you say bend your head, you mean neck, right?

This is puzzling but sounds like a job for a good ENT?

Ent has not recommended this.... My friend has asked to do so... My ent said there is nothing ... When there is T , then no ent has any good knowledge


This sounds like you could have moved or damaged your ear drum. I would suggest seeing your GP or ENT consultant.

There are no exercises you can do for tinnitus.

These are the things we at the BTA generally recommend:

Counselling - techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be helpful, either as a standalone therapy or combined with sound therapy.

Correcting any hearing loss - if your tinnitus is accompanied by any hearing loss, then trying to correct this loss with hearing aids is often very helpful. Do make sure that these are adjusted correctly, and that they are worn – they do not work if they are kept in a drawer!

Sound therapy - if the noises seem louder at quiet times, particularly during the night, it may help to have some environmental or natural sound from a CD, a sound generator, or even a fan or ticking clock in the background. Some people use in-ear sound generators.

Relaxation - learning to relax is probably one of the most useful things you can do to help yourself. Those who practice relaxation techniques say they reduce the loudness of their tinnitus and helps them become indifferent to it. Yoga and tai chi can also help.

Mindfulness is showing some very promising results after recent clinical trials, so that is something else you might like to try.

I would say that none of these solutions is an "instant" fix - they take time and perseverance. Some people do expect tinnitus to subside after one session of breathing exercises, for example, and that just isn't the case.

There is no drug or medication which directly helps tinnitus, so we do not recommend any.

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

Hi I sorry what you are going through anything that block the ears makes it worse in my case because that trap sounds ib of my buzzing it's allways thare even unblock ears butility sounds like tv help to mask it

What have you done till now, sumit?

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