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Bill Oddie and tinnitus

Bill, who first found fame with 1970s comedy series The Goodies, has a rare form of tinnitus called musical hallucination (MH).

He talked to the Daily Express about it, and he's actively supporting us and our Tinnitus Expo.

You can read all about it here:


Do you hear music with your tinnitus?


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I`ll have a read of this Nic.

I`ve only once experienced musical tinnitus and that was during a time that I was using drops for an ear infection.

I did have an aunty who suffered with musical tinnitus - she could hear fairground music.

Lynne xx


Yes I feel it is Musical Tinnitus, I also feel I hear voices.

So bad with voices years ago, I used to get up early hrs thinking I heard people outside, but silly me, I’m Totally Deaf, but scary at the time. I still get musical & Voices.



Yes my wife has had musical tinnitus for 9 months now.

It’s with her every waking moment and often picks up on real music that she listens to during the day. Amitriptyline has helped with sleep.

It has some very strange characteristics such as speeding up if she walks faster and slowing down if she looks at the floor.

Weirdly she got a small amount of relief after seeing a healer which resulted in 20 minutes of silence the next morning and a slight reduction in volume which seemed to last a bit longer.

She has also been accepted on a NHS mindfulness course soon which is primarily designed for stress reduction but has apparently helped a couple of tinnitus patients in the past. Here’s hoping!

We’ll be attending the BTA Expo and hope to gain further insight into this strange and less common type of tinnitus.

Would be really interested to hear the experiences of others too.


We look forward to seeing you at the Expo - our team will be on hand to answer any questions you or your wife may have!



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