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Started getting Tinnitus during earwax build up doctor not much help

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I have recently started suffering from Tinnitus in my right ear which came on about 3 weeks ago (previously I had a very bad flu and a viral cough for 2 months) . I was feeling really light headed and dizzy and alot of pressure in my ears. Doctor said I had a good build up of earwax in both ears and to clear this before they could do anything. So after 2 weeks of ear drops and using self help ear syringing I cleared the wax from my right ear and it stopped but almost immediately started in my left ear.

Eventually cleared my left ear but unfortunately the high pitch squeal has got worse and 3 weeks in no improvement. I continued to suffer from dizzy spells and really bad pressure in my left ear and sore neck with the high pitched squeal. I went back to the nurse and she said I had a little wax in my left ear and to continue with drops but no need to syringe. My right ear was beautifully clear.

Her response to tinnitus was that there was nothing for them to do.

So now not sure what to do, I said that I wanted an ENT referral or at least audio to rule out any other issues but they seem less than sympathetic. The dizziness comes in waves (makes me unbalanced or want to sit down but not sick) it coincides with higher pressure in my ear and neck.

Anyone had the same symptoms?

tks just really wanted to get this off my chest as I have been trying to ignore the T which I can do when busy, in the morning seems there is a massive pressure build up in my head/ears overnight and the T is much worse in the morning.

So just wanted to see if other people suffer from the same ..tks for reading.

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Hi there,

I was gifted with tinnitus 5 months ago from ear irrigation. Initially started in left ear but moved quickly into my head. Was managing it okish then in May got a massive head cold. Imbalance as opposed to dizziness, seediness and general frequent wafts of brain fog joined the tinnitus. My infection or whatever it was cleared up but I have been left with the symptoms as above. They do seem to be gradually getting less either that or Im getting used to them. Had to push GP for ENT referral...initially audiologist, hearing and pressure tests were fine. I was about to be told there was no further help until I mentioned the balance issue, at which I got an ENT referral ( 7 weeks ago - still waiting). I also have head/ear pressure. Until Im told otherwise I suspect I may have a lingering infection (ears apparently take a long time to recover) or its all anxiety related. Outwardly I dont appear anxious but t has changed me as a person and as such my entire life...its a big thing to learn to accept and adapt to...Id equate it as similar to losing a close relative. I think at the very least I would push for an ENT appt for your dizziness. Your symptoms could be as a result of a few ear related conditions which I believe can be helped with correct diagnosis and medication.

Wishing you all the best


Hello embecmom2, well I think you should go and see your GP. You really need to be checked out at the hospital ENT. That’s where my GP sent me, I have a MRI scan this Sunday morning. My tinnitus has worse over last few weeks. It didn’t used to be consent, it used to be worse more at the end of the day, now it’s all day!

Tks for reply.. As quick update about three days ago i started exercises to clear etd as the symptoms seemed similar.. Holding nose trying to pop ears and jaw exercises.. With decongestants oral.... After two days i had almost no tinnitus... Day three worse than ever and now in both ears... So i think its etd related but i might have driex up themucus with the decongestant and blocked tubes more... So back to square one.. Will go to docs and keep going with exercises... Hopefully once the oral decongestant stops working i might start to see recovery again tksfor comments

So went to docs today and have a referral to the ENT. I continue with the exercises and now doing steam inhalation but stopped the decongestant. Today no noise in right ear and a little high pitched squeal in the left, lots of crackling. So fingers crossed if it is ETD its beginning to sort itself out. Not got rid of the tinnitus completely so keeping away from headphones and will keep going with the steam and exercises until appointment. If it stays the same I will almost be crying relieved as the Tinnitus was exceptionally stressful and I have the utmost sympathy with sufferers def not enough sympathy it seems showing in the medical front lines it seems.

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Hello and welcome to the British Tinnitus Association forum. Do feel free to ask any questions, I hope that you find this a helpful and supportive place to help you manage your tinnitus.

We have some resources that you might like to check out in addition to our home here:

Helpline 0800 018 0527 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) (outside the UK you can call +44 (0)114 250 9922)

Do persist with your GP and ask for a referral - the nurse won't be able to do that, but the doctor can.

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator

Yes! Ear Wax Impaction or Cerumen can cause Tinnitus please meet Otolaryngologist they may help you…If you didn't get relief ask your physician or Visit Otolarngologist

Had the ENT and hearing examination, seems I have lost a little high frequency hearing but wasnt made clear if this was due to my ears being clogged or what. Felt a little disheartened by the diagnosis. I suppose your always looking to hear 'hey we know exactly what it is and heres the cure' but no luck.

ENT specialist said that the mucus build up could be to do with Acid Reflux and to change my diet to try to stop this, although my diet is not a bad one as it is, (dont smoke and drink very little). Eustachian tubes are clogged and this was confirmed but he thought this might change with diet change and taking some antihistamine.

As for the dizziness said it was crystals moving in my ear and can do excercises to sort that.

As for the Tinnitus said I need to manage that with sound and dont stay in quiet rooms if its annoying... joy.

Since following his advice for the past few days the ears are worse and the tinnitus is worse feels like the antihistamine does something to the mucus as did the decongestants to make it thicker.

I will follow his advice for a month I have a 3 month follow up. But tbh it was better when I was just steaming and and using the steroidal nasal spray. Daft thing is it seems to disappear or certainly lessen at times to the point I have to listen for it but now its back to full force. .

So I wanted to leave an update after 2 weeks of being on this diet but also the diagnosis letter arrived from ENT. So first thing about mucus he sees changes in my larynx and swelling so this led him to believe it was acid reflux creating the mucus/nasal drip. As for the tinnitus he suspects this is caused by hayfever (I dont suffer from hayfever !) and thinks antihistamine will help reduce swelling. Lastly dizziness due to crystals moving in my ears.

So two weeks in I changed my diet completely a little change in mucus but will give it a month then add some antacids as prescribed.

As for tinnitus... ears are still glued although it is a little more bearable so either im getting used to it or it is very slowly making a difference, what I will say is that sometimes it will stop completely and I mean just go off like someone clicked a switch..its for seconds. It is changing in style though, used to be a very loud high pitched tone screaming at me, now it ranges from a pulsating high pitch but not quite screaming to a hiss (similar to going somewhere quiet after a noisy room)...

It gets angrier depending on my stance funnily enough so Im thinking its related to blood flow/pressure (ie. bending up and down)... It also gets worse when I focus on it so try to distract my self with anything but nothing quiet !

Dizziness has all but gone after literally 1 day of doing various exercises or could be just coincidence.

I wanted to update for those that may be suffering similar symptoms, Ive had this since May and tbh I had better results in terms of relief from the tinnitus by taking decongestants but that came back with a vengance. Steaming inhalation did help a lot at first but I stopped, might go back onto that again.

I am also doing various nasal/yawning/jaw/ear pulling exercises to try and relieve the pressure and mucus from the Eustachian tubes.

Im a month in now and continue to take a daily antihistamine although i suspect now that it is not really doing much. Tinnitus is still there in both ears but worse in the ear that I cannot pop (suspected fluid in middle ear was what the ENT guy said but to see if it clears) the right ear I can now pop and the daily tinnitus noise is getting less and less. Going cold turkey with the diet (no acidic foods/alcohol/ chocolate) I have stopped having constant nasal throat drip however it is bad in the morning even though I try to sit up sleeping or at least angle I still suspect ETD is partly to blame for this.

I have noticed I do get dry mouth side effect from antihistamine so started chewing gum.

I also upped my water intake too, which I do believe helps overall with the mucus.

Continue with daily exercises (nose pinching breathing out/nose pinching swallowing/ear pulling/jaw movement / yawning) additionally I put a warm hot water bottle against my ears at night.

I am going to approach my doc to get some antibiotics and discuss using a steroid that may reduce the ET swelling more than the antihistamine. Both I have not tried as yet.

Good result is that I am getting more good days from the tinnitus than bad and really only hear it in quiet rooms now rather than the screaming in the ear all the time. It does flare up and I suspect lack of fluids a culprit. Will report in a month.

I had my second ENT appointment and to be honest they have been next to useless, in fact for things related to ears it's amazing how they don't listen. Anyway my t is still in both ears but has changed from high pitched ringing to pulsitile plus I get a background noise like someone blowing over the top of a bottle... My right ear has cleared of blockage and most of the time it's quiet.. My left ear is still blocked and noisy. The t is very postural in that lying down or moving my head or indeed walking makes it change its tune... Weird... So I have an mri scan for what that's worth... I do think that the t has improved and may also have been linked to lprd which has been getting better with diet and ppi s.... Will update progress after mri

Having learned from my past mistakes of letting ear wax build up a blocked ear will make your T louder you have to regularly use olive oil every week to keep it clear and then you will not only hear better but your T will come down .

Hi Embecmom2 how are you doing now?? What did the MRI throw up?

Hi can you tell me what ear drops you used to clear the wax ? YEs I have same pressure, its terrible!!

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