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Hyperacusis driving me mad


Hi, I've posted on here a few times about hyperacusis.at the minute mines seems to be getting worse.everything seems to loud, my neighbours van makes a noise that just goes through my head. But how can one day the noise drives me mad and then the next its not as bad. Does anyone else get this?I'm doing everything from sound enrichment to keeping away from loud noise but don't seem to be making any progress. I'm due to go on holiday in 6 weeks time to Turkey,that we booked last year before all this started but I really don't see how I can go,but don't want to let the children down as they haven't been on holiday in years,I'm at my witts end.

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Once your on holiday all your tinnitus will be sidelined you will enjoy your holiday to fullest trust me .

Hello Michael I have just come back from Greece and I didn’t want to go but I am glad I did because I had a lovely time and T did not bother me. So go have a well earned rest .

Hi,great to hear you had a lovely time.do you have hyperacusis aswel, I'm just so worried about the plane, as noises like air conditioning,fridges and freezers drive me mad.also have hayfever at the moment, which I think is causing ear pressure. Thanks Michael

No I don’t but my hearing is a bit sensitive.Try not to sit by wings as this is noisiest but not to bad. Can you wear ear plugs. I don’t suffer with hay fever either so would think that must be making your ears worse. Hope you feel better soon and have a lovely holiday .

Important point, how is sleep with your Hyperacusis ? It sounds as if most of the noise disturbing you is during daytime. My Hyperacusis is indoors at night,I do experience light daytime Hyperacusis,but just ignore it. I'm well aware that focusing on Hyperacusis makes it worse, louder,and then the fear kicks in. Like oxygen hitting fire and with no fire brigade to douse the flames it gets out of control. It can be,and is a living nightmare. It's worse than Tinnitus by miles. As I said in a recent post to you ' white noise ' greatly helps with the condition when indoors via the Oasis sound generator attached to speakers ..,not the pillow speakers..I can switch off my Hyperacusis by the touch of a button anywhere in my house. And after doing this for 12 months I'm actually habituating to the sound outdoors, the fear just is not there anymore. I have learned to cope with it well.And even sometimes sleep with the sound machine off.

You are not going to improve my friend unless you do something about it. I hope you have a nice holiday but I think your going to have a torrid time of it.

Hi, aye I know I need to get a grip of this.i'm seeing a therapist who deals with people with hyperacusis and tinnitus,so hopefully this will help.just seems to be one thing after another at the moment, hayfever now has ears all blocked which isn't helping at all.😤😤

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