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Doctor giving me tablets to ease my T


Went to the doc’s about three weeks ago and he gave me some pills that may help with my T has anyone ever tried Betahistine Dihydrochloride I’ve been on them three weeks now. 3 a day but I’m not sure if they are working. Yes I am finding it easier but not sure if that’s just the brain coming to terms with it or the tablets. So I stopped talking them for a couple of days and it has got a little loud again. I’m now back on them again because I do think they are helping. Just seams to make it easier through the day. Now for the bad bit you can only use them for 1 month then you have to come off them for a month. So it one month on and one off because the body can come immune to them. Please let me know if you have any comments on these pills. Thanks guys.

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Hi Jbradford42 I also started on these tablets when my t first started (about 8 weeks ago now) I was on them for about 3 - 4 weeks then decided to come off them as I found them heavy on the stomach and I wasn't sure if they were helping or not. I think they are more for vertigo than tinnitus, however I have read that some people with tinnitus find them helpful... Maybe just do the month, then a month without and see what happens your t might just settle itself... I find my t fluctuates during the day anyway with or without the tablets.

They didn’t work for me, the doctors hand them out like smarties though!

Hello I have not taken these myself but I do know someone that does and he says it helps. Take care.

Hi I have been taking Betahistine for approx 10 years, they are generally prescribed for Menieres disease which i also have along with chronic tinnitus. To my knowledge It does nothing for tinnitus ! I was unaware you should only take for 1 months only! I will read the leaflet again.

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Betahistine is commonly prescribed for tinnitus, although evidence shows that it's only effective for any accompanying dizziness or vertigo, and not the tinnitus itself.

We have more information on our website at

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Hi brad, I have been on serc-16 for a while for BPPV menieres syndrome and they are good tablets,some people have been on them for years at a time ,so where this month on and off came from beats me ?

Cheers maybe the docs got it wrong dose happen now and again. I’m there tomorrow so I’ll ask him thanks

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