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Practical - Keychain Box Large Enough to Fit Specsaver Custom Ear Plugs


Quick practical question! Does anyone know of a good and affordable keychain box to carry around custom made (Specsavers) earplugs? They are quite bulky, so the box must be around 2cm inner diameter and 4 cm inner length.

Quite hard to find one on the web. Found this one by 'Shintop' which is really bulky (2.75"/ 70mm (High), 1.18"/ 30mm), and then this one by 'Cielo' which is less bulky but 4 times the price meh (Diameter - 1.0 inches; Height - 2.0 inches).

I am sure that some of you have had the issue of bringing these plugs and found a solution for it.



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Hi Rein

I had a wonder about this, and would something like this do?

(One of my hobbies is geocaching, in case you're wondering!)

Warmest wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager and Forum Administrator)

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The ear plugs I brought from the BTA, came with it's own keyring case so they are out there. Have you looked on Amazon? Seeing as they sell nearly everything you can think of. Good luck and hope you find one.

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Thanks to both of you for your replies.

@Lesley that's what I thought. However, it seemed very hard to get hold of a keychain container that was not incredibly bulky while still being wide enough (2 cm inner) and reasonably cheap.

I think that I have found one that would be suitable. With these dimensions (I hope they are inner dimensions, the package has yet to arrive so I can't confirm at this point). This should be wide enough for my earplugs not to get stuck inside the container, but still small enough for me to carry around on my keychain. :)

Capsule Diameter: Approx. 20.5mm/0.8 inch

Capsule Height: Approx. 51mm/2 inch

See for yourself:


Hi Rein, that looks promising and hope they are what you need. If not on the outside of my case the web site is although I haven't looked at the web site myself so don't know if they sell the cases on their own but maybe it's worth having a look.



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