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Has anyone used hearing aids with white noise generators? I am trying to use white noise as much as possible and it does not mask the tinnitus however is it normal for the tinnitus to seem worse at first ?

I really am at the point of despair and although a sufferer for 13 years in the left ear the new head and static sound in the right is really tearing me . It’s been with me for 4 months but feel I can bear this anymore . I am currently offf work with stress and really feel I can’t go back ... feeling very alone and only my wife and daughter keep me sane and alive .

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HI Dean,

I have not used hearing aids with built-in white noise generators but have used WNGs as part of TRT and still use them when required. Since your tinnitus is giving you problems at the moment try and get a referral to ENT for tests to be carried out on your auditory system, and to also see a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist that is trained in tinnitus treatment and management.

The tinnitus should not be masked (covered up) so it can't be heard, otherwise it can make habituation more difficult. The preferred method that a lot of Hearing Therapists advise, is to set the sound enrichment slightly below the tinnitus. Please click on the link below and read my post on masking tinnitus that you mind find helpful.

All the best




Thank you Michael. Really appreciate your help .

I also use a sound machine at night which helped me habituate with my left ear. This new head and right ear noise is much higher frequency and it’s making me ill. I think the white ear generators have made it worse . They have been correctly set my the NHS audiologist so they cannot mask . Do you think they can make it worse initially?

All th best



Hi Dean,

The volume of most white noise generators can usually be adjusted. I have dual purpose white noise generators that also have hearing aids built in. I do not have hearing loss, so the hearing aid section was disabled by my Audiologist at the time I was fitted via computer. Do your WNGs have a volume control? When were you issued with them?

Sometimes WNGs take time for the auditory system to get used to. Under these circumstances they can irritate the ears and the tinnitus can seem worse. My opinion on this is personal since I have been using WNGs for nearly 20 years and have had no problems. I was advised by my Hearing Therapist to slowly introduce them at first. I would wear them for 1 or 2hrs then take them off for the same amount of time.

I would then put them back on and slowly increase the wearing time over a few weeks, until I was able to wear them continuously for up to 8 to 10hrs.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Michael , yes the white noise can be adjusted . I will try your approach re building up the white noise . This wasn’t discussed with me but makes sense as I’m sure my tinnnitus has become aggravated

Hopefully it will calm down .

Best wishes



Oh dear, it's such an awful condition isn't it. As I've mentioned before mine is very loud, 24/7 and in my head! In the beginning I read about people 'habituating'but I really didn't think it could be possible for me. Needless to say I soldiered on, we have to and After trying hearing aids with maskers which I didn't like myself although I think they help others, I decided I would just carry on as normal as if I didn't have it. That was very hard at first and in the meantime I lost my lovely mum which seemed to make it worse, BUT I do now have the very occasional run of days when it seems quieter or less intrusive. It's blaring like a pressure cooker at the moment but somehow it no longer bothers me as much. I think I must be habituating to the constant noise!

If I am I can only say this is definitely due to my trying to keep going and be positive so it no longer feels as threatening. This is what is supposed to happen apparently.

Try and stay positive and the same should start happening to you, it just takes patience and plenty of time.

Take care and all the best.


Thank you so much for your repaonse , it really helps . I’m sorry your suffering too .

Keep well



Yep ive just started with a pair of hearing aids which has a white noise setting too and it helps a tad but early days yet - has improved hearing at top end which is useful. Mine will need tweaking i think then can get a better judgement on their usefulness. Certainly will need time for brain to adjust to using white noise - do hope they help you in the longer term ..

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I will be gradually using the white noise feature as I started using immediately for 10 hours a day and my tinnitus went crazy. Starting from today I will be using in much shorter periods so not to agitate the brain. I only hope the retraining helps as my life is upset down . God luck with yours


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