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Good day with the Audiologist. NHS the Best

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I had an appointment with the Audiologist. I have two hearing aid maskers. They are both set at a low "white noise" Shhhhhhhh. sound. I wanted to see what my T would be like if they switched on the HA function. I spoke with another T sufferer who increased the HA volume and it worked for them.

I had a very patient Audiologist who went through numerous combinations until I was happy. She programmed then with two settings. One is a low level brown noise and the other is a higher level white noise. The amplification has been disabled as I didn't get on with that. I didn't know that these bad boys could do so much. When you tap the button on one, it tells the other to change as well!! I was most impressed. They talk to each other.

Now, why didn't the first audiologist go through all the options with me? First appointment 20mins. Second appointment 55mins. Both NHS audiologists. They latter really showed that they cared and wanted the best for me. I suppose that this occurs in all walks of life. If all the medical professionals were like the latter then I believe that people with T would suffer less.

As we know maskers don't cure you but are a tool in the box.

Wishing you all peace and quiet.


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Glad to hear you went on ok and find your maskers really helpful.

Love glynis

I am so pleased to hear that you are getting on well with your hearing aids, there is hope for us all yet! :)

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