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another bad day

after having a run of fairly good days and feeling ok i sat down to my drums, put in my ear protection plugs and played for about 45 mins, my T. was still down after it and it was anice day so felt quite good done some shopping and at night had acouple of drinks listeneing to the proms on the t.v. its asall telly so its not that loud . i listened to both concerts first was 2 big swing bands with an absolutely incredible asian girl playing piano as a guest and the bands played some classic tunes after it was great then jules hollands prom featured some classic soul with some of the greats from the sixties and modern singers too fantastic!!!!! i loved it all not been listeneing to music or playing for a while and i realised how much i really miss it. my T. was still down but i took the sleeping pill as i always have to so i can sleep and went to bed, THEN, when i woke up today T. really loud tried to distract but no luck so far i dont know if it was the playing or listeneing to the telly or maybe the fact that i have a gig tomorrow(sunday) and my subconcious stress level has caused this??????????????? all i know is my anxiety level went right up and i had to use the breathing exercises from the tinnitus.e. programme to try and get some normality, i stayed in bed tilllate this morning listening to my T. so maybe i should have got up earlier.writng this hasnt helped sadly but thought it might be constructive so its done now anyway .take care.craw.

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Hi Drumcree sorry to hear of your Tinnitus suddenly going loud it's a mystery how it goes from nothing to high I am having a few good days I only hear my Tinnitus when I take my hearing aids out I listen to my sound Oasis and pillow speakers and take a tablet to sleep hopefully it will settle down again take care. David


I find that when I lay in my T plays up the most. Maybe it's the body's way of saying get up or I'm going to annoy the shit out of u? Meditation when u wake up is a great way to feel good again and settle the anxiety from the T

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