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Sad 6 days on

Hi folks . I hope you have all managed to have as good a week as possible. Bearing in mind that a week ago I had no idea I was about to sink so low , and get such supportive comments from you , and that there has been the sad news about Sarah , I wanted to say something . I will probably waffle as always ! I , like many of us , I guess have kept going this week- not quite sure how but I have. I have managed to get a job ( will see if I can sustain it but I will try ) , not coped at all well with noisy neighbours BUT mostly wanted I wanted to say was I have just , not sure what . I have just been to see Forest under 16s and under 18s. I had to go ion my own but managed to chat to a favourite player who is now a coach. Was I still in considerable pain ? yes. Did it ease at all ? NO , Do I feel happier . No necessarily - but I went and refus eto give up !

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Well done Lindsay - small steps as they say - you should be proud of yourself.

Love Lynne xx

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Positive thoughts. We can but try. Life can be unfair but well done to you for making the most of things.



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Well done Lindsay keep going, sod the dreaded "T".


Diversion is the key ....however hard it might be at least it fills the mind with something other than the eternal inner sounds!!

Good luck.

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Hello Lynsey6

I can only offer a few words to you and I know how you must be feeling at this moment in time, I've been on my T journey now for 17 + years and you might think that I am immune to all the various different noises I have with me 24/7, and you are right to think that to a certain degree, but even us oldies have good and bad days as we all do. But if there is one thing I have learnt over the years and that is, however hard it seems at the time we must try to overcome the negative thoughts that overwhelm us and there have been many times in the past that I have said to myself I can't face another day with this infernal noise that seems never ending, but it's been said many times before that somehow we do pull through these tough times and it's still a mystery to me how we do that, it does certainly drain you mentally and physically but we can't give in or give up there is always a way forward no matter how steep a climb we face. Keep your faith, keep soldiering on, keep supporting your beloved Forest. We are all behind you.

Take care



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