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The sleep struggle just got tougher

At the age of 55 I've just got chickenpox. Apart from feeling totally self-conscious when trying to go about everyday life due to the rash / spots, another problem is trying to sleep when the same spots are itching to be scratched. However last night things were a bit better than the previous few nights so hopefully I'm over the worst.

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Aww no! allergy tablets will help and chamomile lotion .

Love glynis


Awww hope you feel better soon x


Thanks Glynis & Gail,

My GP gave me some aciclovir tablets to help with the spots and they do seem to have improved things considerably altho' I still appear far from normal and don't feel too comfortable when outside. Fortunately the spots on my face are not too itchy so it is quite easy to avoid scratching them, those on my back and head however do itch quite a bit and it's not so easy to avoid having a wee scratch at them. I did buy some lotion but the chemist said that if possible I should avoid using it as it's best to let the spots dry up and disappear naturally, or something like that! For the past 2 nights I have been able to sleep pretty much as normal (for me) so hopefully this continues. Thanks again for replying.




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