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yet more no sleep

last night was horrendous from 6pm onwards my bilateral T decided to go up to volume 11 it was making me dizzy , the more I thought about it the worse it became, tried all my usual techniques...Meditation, hearing aid, sound cancellation....nothing was working. It got to midnight and I wanted to go to sleep but when a lied down the room was doing flips and all I could do was concentrate on T making it worse. So I found relief in an usual place.... 3am went to kitchen to get drink stood there in silence and the hmm from the fridge and freezer actually made my T better so thats was my night. T is better today

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Hi Aspey, it's frustrating I know. Like me wanting to sleep in the bathroom , you need to sleep in the kitchen. As was mentioned to me....record the fridge freezer on your phone and play it to get to sleep. It works!.

Hope you're over the worst,


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Nights like that are horrid....

Glad its settled down for you today and enjoyed the day..lots of love glynis


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