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Wanting to run away !

Hello all ,

I have noticed my T building up different layers for some months now ,my right ear has hardly any low tone ,my left ear has just a tiny loss of high tone missing ( due to my age 51) . On Tuesday morning I woke with distorted hearing in my good ear ,which led me to have double jet engine T , I've had T for 5/6 years but never experienced this torture , I've been having panic attacks mixed with vertigo ( prochlorperazine for emergencies ). I saw the practice nurse yesterday as there wasn't a doctor available ( I'd even taken an overnight bag incase she sent me to hospital !) ,I thought this is serious,it's my good ear completely deaf! .......she gave me nasal spray ,she said both ear drums had fluid behind them ( a bit like glue ear ) coursed ,she thinks by sinuses etc,she did say it may take weeks for the hearing to return .

This has been a very desperate week ,at one stage I wanted to run away from myself !?. Just like to add ,some hearing has already returned !

Regards to you all Sandy

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Hi ,Sandy,

I know how you feel and hard when our ears go louder to a point its hard to deal with.

Hope the meds help and see more progress over the next 48 hours.

Keep sound on around you and do what you can to relax but I know its hard.

Stay positive you have seen a little progresss and build on that and look forward to better days.

My ears are giving me a hard time too ....lots of love glynis



Hello Glynis

Thankyou kindly ,I most certainly will . Had to have time off work,always feel I'm letting my team down ,I'm a hairdresser ....gosh the thought of those dryers !!

So I find myself watching 'The real Marigold hotel ',a client told me a lady actress had vertigo ,it seems a light hearted program.

Regards Sandy


Hi Sandy,

Vertigo plagued me for many years.

I take a daily med for menieres and one for flair ups like now ..

Not seen that film so hope its good.

Rest up and stay in a safe place when your having vertigo...

Let me know how you are doing...lots of love glynis


Good luck Sandy, mine started about 5 months ago and is there to some degree all the time; although I've had sinus problems recently and this has increased my swirling jet engine head hissing. My audiologist told me in the week that colds/flu can definitely have an impact on T. Cheers, Steve

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Hi Steve ,

And good luck to you too ,my jet engine has now become maracas, starting to smile again . Take care Sandy

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Lol.....I get cicadas and morse code as well....God only knows what sort of frantic activity is going on in my brain to set that lot off!