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Hello. I signed up some time ago but, what with one thing and another, I've not posted in the forum. My name is Claudine (generally known as Claud) and I've had tinnitus for three decades, give or take. It is worse now than it used to be and I'm going to have my ears syringed in a few days. I feel for everybody who has this condition because I know that it can range from quite a bearable noise (as with my mother) to something that drives people mad. What form does yours take? At the moment mine is quite severe, with different noises in each ear. Sometimes at night I feel as though pressure is building in my head and the noise gets louder and louder until I force myself awake (I'm normally in the hypnagogic state when this happens, so I am aware of what is happening) . That is horrible but for the most part I cope. Would you tell me some of your experiences with Tinnitus? I would be very glad to meet you and talk to you. Kind regards


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Welcome to the BTA forum Claud.

Mine is high pitched in both ears due to Menieres Disease .

Make sure you put olive oil drops from the chemist in your ears daily before wax removal as will soften the wax from any ctustation stuck round the drum...7-10 days atleast before procedure

....lots of love glynis


Hi Claud, My tinnitus was caused by hearing loss following a cold/virus just over two years ago. I have pulsatile tinnitus (I can hear my heart and circulation working). I was told that the reason for this is that the carotid artery runs very close to the hearing nerve and that`s the reason I am picking up those noises.

I also have hissing, droning/humming and a very slight noise similar to a burglar alarm going off. Fortunately I don`t usually get all these noises together at the same time and I have pretty much come to terms with them anyway.

The first six months were hell - then I got some counselling, joined the BTA where I found lots of useful information and they also told me about a local support group which I still go to every Wednesday.

Hope you go on okay with the syringing - like Glynis says put the olive oil in - get the wax nice and soft and you should be fine. I had mine done recently and I was ok.

Love Lynne xx


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