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Tinnitus and vertigo

I have had tinnitus for 24 years, which I have finally accepted and it doesn't really bother me much at the moment, one key factor was finding a local job where most of the work is close to home. I had a bad vertigo attack three years ago, but my GP thought it was down to excess wax, and said I needed my ears syringing. The only way I managed to get any medication to control it was through badgering the ENT consultant at the local hospital who put me on betahistine which is of questionable benefit, as the vertigo attacks still occurred, the only way I got effective tablets to stop it was having a bad attack whilst seeing the ENT consultant at the hospital. They think I have a Menieres like condition but My hearing profile is wrong, just proves how strange your ears are.

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I have Menieres also for 12 years.

I take Betahistine 16mg x3 and also Cinnarazine 15mg up to 6 a day as needed...lots of love glynis


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