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What’s normal? The six million dollar question!


I’ve been on the Bronchiectasis steamroller for almost seven years. I have had so many different tests and, a few different pulmonary doctors. I have googled every article I can find and even discovered a book about a mans successful journey through Bronchiectasis. After all of this research, trial and error, questions etc. I have come to the conclusion that there are no “normals “ to our disease. I have been told countless times that Bronchiectasis does not cause pain, it does. I have been told the acapella flutter shouldn’t make you dizzy at all, it can. This goes on and on. I have learned more from my fellow bronchs. All of us have gone through so many different things and I take great comfort and knowledge in reading your different stories. Thank you friends. Maybe someday our medical professionals will start taking note.

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I totally agree, I have been told so many contradicting things by various GP's that I have almost given up asking questions. Some say it effects their strength, something I have definitely noticed whilst others deny this is possible!

I have been quite disappointed by my treatment if I am honest, I was signed off the hospital about 5 years ago after only 2 appointments so everything I have learned has either been from various GP's or the internet! Some of my GP's still insist on treating it like asthma whilst the original GP and consultant who diagnosed it have said categorically it is not. (All very confusing)

I think I have it quite mild compared to some although it has been getting worse each year and I seem to almost constantly have a cough despite never having smoked!

This site and the people on it really helps though and I am glad I found it!

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