Welcome to your new liver community, set up by the British Liver Trust. This is the first time we have embraced something like this and we hope you find it helpful and of use.

As more and more people start joining our liver community, or liverland as I like to call it, the more interactive and helpful this can be.

So, take a look round, feel free to blog, share your experiences and vote.



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  • I am so glad you have joined the HealthUnblocked community and I look forward to talking to people with the same condition as myself.

  • I am really excited about joining. Ther is so much we can all learn from each other and we know we are not alone

  • It's great to see a forum set up for liver related illnesses. There is so little information available from real people who have liver disease and now we have a place to share experiences.

    Since I was diagnosed earlier this year I have felt very isolated - there's an enormous amount of info for cancer and such like but very little on living with liver disease.

    I can't wait to see how this site develops.

  • What liver disease do you have? I have PBC/AIH overlap syndrome which is 2 autoimmune liver conditions. x

  • Advanced stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver

  • Hi, I have compensated cirrhosis and portal vein hypertension. I had a severe bout of hepatitis @ 4 years ago where they never found a cause, however the Drs thought I'd recovered, but last year they discovered the PVT on an MRI. At the moment I'm still undergoing lots of tests but there so little information on living with these conditions.

    How long have you been living with your condition?

  • Sypmtoms of flushes, restless legs, disturbed sleep, weight gain. First consulted doctor May 2011. Bloods showed elevated LFT's and the rest is history....... x Knew a bit about PBC as my late mother had it... x

  • I was diagnosed in 2010 and the only real symptoms I've had is the horrible itching and the chronic fatigue. My ankle swell every now and then but I get really depressed

  • Hi just wanted to say really glad to have something like this.

    I have recently been diagnosed with AIH and AIHA and am awaiting further results on other tests. I am slowly discovering what this may mean for me now and in the future. Really great to have the opportunity to talk to others with similar experiences and understanding and for us to be able to offer support for each other with a personal understanding.

    So thanks


  • This could be a good site. My liver condition is as yet undiagnosed. When it is, I'd like to find advice on diet, lifestyle, recovery et al - as well as share how easy tests and biopsy have been. It also shows what medics are up against! So many different conditions with overlapping symptoms!

  • I know what you mean. We can all learn from each other

  • I get very itchy still, even though I'm using two sachets of the stuff you mix with water. Any ideas of how to further reduce this please?

  • I wish I did know., when mine comes on it last for weeks and all I do is cry. It is horrible. I've tried ice to freeze it and also hot water to stop it. It just runs it's coarse and when it is gone I pray it don't come back

  • This just what I was looking for, a forum to give and receive information regarding liver transplantation.

    Many thanks,


  • I just joined tonight and I haven't been to sleep yet. Glad to have you

  • So glad there this new forum I am 8 wks post liver transplant, didn't even know was ill, collapsed rushed in & with in 24 hrs my family told I had 48 hrs & was put on super urgent. Luckily one came up but the way all happened am really struggling come to terms with it all & the steroid induced (diabetics) they think, has left me with. I try tell family etc how feeling but doesn't help, anyone else gone through similar?

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