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Cirrhosis of the liver

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Hello, guys. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis six months ago and I have enlarged spleen and low platelets. And now I'm so worried I'm suffering from severe depression i can't sleep. I don't want this life anymore.Call my GP every day and he doesn't do anything he says because of cirrhosis, and we can't do anything for you until Covid goes away.any advise. Happy Christmas everyone. Thanks

7 Replies
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Hi Habfdh

Liver disease is linked with depression. You have done something about your depression already by posting here. You have taken a good step in the right direction. You recognise your depression. This is an illness that can be treated and your life will improve as soon as you start dealing with it.

I had terrible depression and anxiety. I was miserable. I couldn't sleep. Depression made everything feel worse, it constantly made me feel helpless. I thought admitting I had depression would make me appear weak, now I know I was being foolish and my ego was in the way of me getting well.

I spoke to a counsellor, I even told him I didn't think I needed his help. I was wrong. Talking things through got me back to full strength of mind and since then my life has improved every day. I can cope with my low platelets, Hep C and all associated problems.

You need to be strong and make that call. Contact your GP, liver nurses, GE Samaritans anyone. I'm hoping someone will post the helpline number.

Temporarily I used distraction. Distract it any way you can, music, comedy shows YouTube. Post here, talk to people. Play games anything.

But the only way to beat it is to face it head on and talk it through.

You have done very well. Identified it and posting here shows you are trying to deal with it.

Don't put off making that call as long as I did.


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redpoint72 in reply to DavyGravy

Davey gravey.....what a great reply....i tho6ght it but couldn't have replied in such a good way....have suffered in similar situations....simple as....please talk to folk...I've please wishes chris

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Habfdh in reply to DavyGravy

Thanks for replying, i told my Gp but they not helping me now because of covid.

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You Hadi are doing something already. It's a big step just talking about your problems on this forum. 🙄 I guarantee this is the best start for you. I have suffered from anxiety/depression (I didn't even know what is was) but I found dealing with it head on ,knowing exactly what is wrong helped. If you find that your condition is deteriorating then use all the precautions going, and get to A & E (be safe) I was at hospital all day yesterday and it was busy and also every precaution was taken. Cirrhosis (in my eyes) can be a nasty horrible disease and if not dealt with asap outweighs the covid scare completely (you already have Cirrhosis). Your Gp (like mine) shouldn't be putting it on the back burner. I had next to no help from my GP it was all covid, covid, covid and 6 months after readmission after readmission to A&E I found out I had end of life liver disease (I'm not saying that is what's wrong with you) which lead to me having a transplant and this was all from January this year, when COVID was rife and I was bang in the middle.

Don't give up and don't be fobbed off.

The right people are out there and willing to help. 🙂

Try ringing the trust firstly they will advise the next step accordingly.

The Dr's and consultants, specialists, nurses, dietitian's, social workers, administration needed/appreciated are working timelessly at the hospital's in and out as fast as possible and saving lives...😊.

I know it's a little bit of a rant but our lives with a already diagnosed disease cannot be made out to be insignificant and can wait.....

Good luck Danny x

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Go see a hepatologist instead of a GP. If those are your only two symptoms it could be something else.

Some liver diseases are quite curable these days. Hep C. AIH if caught early.

Read all the "good news" stories on this and other boards and realize the same good things can happen to you.

There are many stories of recovery out there, it is way too early to get depressed.

Merry Christmas.

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Try to put the cirrhosis diagnosis out of your mind and try your best to get on with life. My hubby was diagnosed with adjustment depression when he was first diagnosed (out of the blue) with cirrhosis. It's a case now of keeping a quiet eye on potential symptoms i.e. not dwelling on them or letting them dominate your life and try to get the most out of every good day.

Exercise is superb for lifting your spirits and even boosting your energy levels and I find if hubby is happy mentally then his physical health is also lifted no end.

Even if you feel exhausted and unable to exercise it's amazing how good for you even a short stroll out in the park or countryside is. It will lift you no end and fresh air helps you get sleep at the end of the day ............ doing anything that isn't liver related is great for you.

My hubby set himself a target of walking to the bridge over the river in our village immediately after leaving hospital having nearly died from a variceal bleed - he accomplished that and gradually extended his range. He suffers terrible sleep disruption and low energy but he pushes on.

He has now managed day walks up to 16+ miles at a time plus in September took up and got hooked on cycling and now goes out riding every second day or so (weather permitting) and is doing up to about 20 miles a time. Yes he's knackered, he's knackered before he starts but he pushes through and comes home buzzing.

Hubby was first diagnosed in 2012, spent time on transplant list in 2014/15 and was delisted because his health improved so much he no longer met criteria for transplant. 6 years further on he is stable and doing 'ok' in the grand scheme of things.

I am hoping that as you were diagnosed 6 months ago you are under the care of a hospital consultant and not just your GP. You need to be under the care of a gastroenterologist (minimum) or a hepatologist (even better) and you should be having regular check ups, you should be due an ultrasound scan in the coming month or so and should have blood tests all to monitor your ongoing health situation.


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Habfdh in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you

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