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Liver cirrhosis

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Hi My mum was in hospital for a month last Christmas with decompensated liver cirrhosis due to years of heavy alcohol abuse, 35 years plus. The doctors told me she will need a transplant. She has not had a drink since mid december 2020. Was having two weekly blood tests for months until a month ago. I am really concerned for her as she was always a small build but has lost so much weight she is now only 45kgs. What would be the reasoning for this she is eating very healthy and still not drinking?. Should I be worried?

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Has Mum seen a liver specialist dietician? - often at this stage healthy eating isn't as important as getting in lots of carbohydrates and protein to prevent the weight loss and loss of muscle mass.I will ping you a private message with information we were provided when my hubby was seen at t/p hospital - he weighed only 8 stone at that time and following a plan with lots of carbs and protein his body weight grew and he regained muscle mass.


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Hi AyrshireK. I am currently 9 stone and have just started a similar diet plan. How long did it take for your husband to grow his body weight and regain the muscle mass?

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He saw dietician in June 2013 and started regaining from then, at t/p assessment June 2014 he still wasn't the desired weight to have 'reserves' for t/p and was put on Ensure 4 x daily. He steadily gained and got to 11 1/2 stone by which timed they deemed him well enogh to be delisted. He's currently sitting about 10 stone again - 6 years on - though he's doing lots of walking/hill walking and recently started cycling too. He needs to work on proper fuelling strategies for these exertions.


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Thanks AyrshireK - good to know.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both, she is trying like hell. She is lucky to have your support. Stay strong x

I feel for you and your Mum. I remember my pre transplant stage where I lost of weight and shrunk eventually looking like a small child. I too ate healthy but the muscle loss continued.

From my experience and everyone is different, out went the 3 meals a day and in came lots of small meals and ate when hungry which became my diet until I had to have the NJ feeding tube. The protein shakes also were a great help. A light snack of cheese and biscuits (or a small bowl of porridge) before bed helped with sleep and the nightly muscles mass attacks.

Its so difficult for everyone involved on both sides. Family so desperately want you to eat & maintain strength etc along with watching in alarm the weight fall off and the other side is wanting to eat to maintain the weight but the body and mind seems to have different ideas. The excellent hospital dieticians will help her with a plan. I was at my lightest of about 40kg when I had my transplant. Wishing you and your Mum all the best.


Hi Punky.I have decompensated cirrhosis stage 4 and I didn't realise how important your diet is to stay as healthy as possible.

My dietician was brilliant (she actually said "Dan, you are going too far with what you are cutting out of your diet")

Every other stage of liver disease is cutting things out (salt, sugar,fried, fatty foods,etc...)

Decompensated cirrhosis needs protein, sugars, carbohydrates,eggs,cheese, ice-cream, full fat milk, because your liver requires these foods to prevent it stealing your muscle mass which causes you to lose weight and the feeling of fatigue.

Bare in mind that your heart is a muscle as well.

Find a good dietician for the best way to prevent weight loss. They may even prescribe protein drinks (which you can get delivered) that worked wonders for me....fresubin 3.2 kcal.

Good luck.

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If you are in the UK, you may want to call our free nurse helpline on 0800 652 7330 10am to 3pm Mon to Fri for a supportive chat.

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