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Hepatic encephalopathy

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My freind has been diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy and within a matter of 3 weeks he is and unable to remember the basics of his life. Is there any hope or do I have to just sit back and wait for the doctors to decide his fate?

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This is a medical emergency. Phone 999 for urgent attention and medication

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CHanse in reply to laura53923

Thank you Laura, he has been in hospital for 6 weeks now and is getting worse. During His previous recent hospital admissions he was discharged home as the psychiatric liaison team declared he had capacity even though I knew he didn’t and the doctors aren’t communicating or taking notice of family or friends. It’s soul destroying

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laura53923 in reply to CHanse

While in hospital they will have been giving him medication for all his symptoms. There are always things going on behind the scenes which aren't always evident ... tests, meds, treatments etc. If he is hospital now please be assured they will be doing everything they can for him. But he has to co operate. There's always hope 🤞

I’ve been told by a nurse that this is the best he will be. I just wanted some more hope that they are giving and they are not just waiting for him to go into a coma and die.

I wrote a response to a similar post a while ago. please see my reply here. I hope this is of some help: healthunlocked.com/britishl...

I would ask the psychiatric liaison team for a copy of the West Haven Score they should have carried out. Also they should have carried out some form of competency test. It should also be noted that HE can occur usually in episodes. So a person may seem perfectly normal and lucid most of the time, but then become confused and frustrated the next.

This is now a brain disorder, and should be taken more seriously. I do hope your friend is no longer driving.

I hope this helps

Good luck


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CHanse in reply to Richard-Allen

Thank you for that Richard. It’s really appreciated.

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Here is our info on HE that may be some help:


If your friend is UK based and would like our HE passport do call the helpline and we can arrange for one to be sent to you.

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CHanse in reply to Trust1

Thank you so much for the information. It’s very useful

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