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With Everything going on !

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Brief update to my followers!

Late yesterday I received an email from my nursing specialist in reply to an email I sent to her/my liver consultant in March confirming I'd completed the sky dive and attached requested photo's.

Whilst writing I mentioned my Jan/Feb flare up and that I was unable to get bloods done at that time and still wasnt sure with Covid going on that I should carry on with my routine tests? Her recommendation is to hold back until my next full LFT's are due! She was sorry I'd been unwell and apologised for her late reply !!! Note I immediately wrote back and confirmed no apology was necessary and thank her. Anyway her reply has now saved that call to my GP which I've been mulling over in my head for a few weeks.

Finally I'm sending you all one of my virtual hugs for today and to say keep safe and give each other a wee 😊

Love Trish x

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Morning honey. Are you feeling better? If so, maybe it was an infection or viral problem. If not, please don't wait until you feel worse.

Hope you have a good day 😘 xxx

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Hi Matty

Many thanks for your concerns which is very nice of you! However with everything that's going on I'd rather try and sort myself out if possible then contact my GP if I have another flare up before my next bloods are due. Hopefully this makes sense!

Trish πŸ’“

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Hi Trish

I know I've spoken to you but I please call your GP if you have another flare up!!

Did I tell you that my NHS letter has finally come plus one from Dr. I was speaking with one of the receptionists over the phone and she said there are loads of letters still to come out and her brother hadn't even got one and he has got cancer, I really felt for her while she was talking and thinking my problems are nothing compared to her brother's. All the receptionists are really nice most of the time but I don't snap at them or anything because you never know what's going on in their lives.

Sorry to rabbit on . I only found your post by literally going through everything as I'm not getting many notifications through.

Take care and stay safe. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘β™₯️

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Hi Lynne

Will do on flare up!

Re : no on the letter finally arriving but glad you now have this in your possession ....fab news in away!

Will catch up later

Love Trish x

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mattymoo33 in reply to

Of course it does. I know you know your own body and when help is needed.

🌞Just back from bike ride, chilly but beautiful. 🌈xx

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Well done you on bike rideπŸ‘

Me! I went back to bed with hot drinks at 6.30ish after floor exercises at 5an so theatrically had a naughty lye inπŸ™„! Now dressed and made up for the day ahead. Wii bike here I come! 2.5 lbs down πŸ˜‰

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Well done. How have you managed that with all your baking?🍰☺️xx

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I give lots of baking away to neighbours plus Derek's loving it all, three fruit scones yesterday with fresh strawberry and double cream and he lost 1lb in weight!

I'm burning lots of calories chopping up more tree branches into 6" strips which I'm having a 5 minute break from πŸ˜…πŸ˜…! Oh well back to work...

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Hi Trish,

It's good that you got a reply, but if you get another flare up. don't hesitate to contact them again.....only you will know when it is necessary.

Take Care,


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Your so right David, unfortunately that last flare up happened on a Friday afternoon so too late to get bloods done plus I felt a little better by the Tuesday ! However I'm still not 100 per cent since then. I promise next time πŸ‘

You too on the take care front! x

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Yes, please do next . Stay safe. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘

Do contact your medical team if you have another flaire up Trish... Take care :)

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Will do Trust 1 .....thank you for your advice !


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Well done with the sky dive Trish, you’re an inspiration to us all

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Thanks Julie ..... now that we have blue skies I wish I could do it again as the views would be spectacular! Madness I know !

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