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Hospital tomorrow-ascites help

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Hubby has bee tomorrow on ward so have to be there for 11. He's to have drain for ascites. Tonight he's in a bad way - pain in belly, very bloated and been sick twice. We'll be glad to get to hospital. Anyone got any good tips for getting more comfortable with his ascites tonight so he can get some sleep?

Any help appreciated x

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Clearly a bed not a bee!!

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It must be so hard for you both. If he goes any worse phone the ward, dial 999 or go to a and e. It will be such a relief for you both tomorrow. How are you doing at the moment? It can be as hard for the carer in a different way as it is for the patient. I've been on both sides of the coin. Pm me if you need or want to. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

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Thanks Lynne have messaged you x

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Hopefully after the draining your husband will feel so much better!

What seemed to help my husband when filled up was an extra pillow or two. When he wasn't propped up high enough, it affected his breathing more.

* Of note, after my husband's first draining, he continued to leak afterwards for days. He was soaked within minutes. Perhaps the nurse can send home additional bandaging in the event. I ended up buying diaper type products and plastering those on.

*Oldham is right though. With the new belly pain, it could constitute an emergency.

Very best wishes!

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My husband leaked too and the nurse put on a stoma bag to the area which worked well.

Luckily no leaking at the moment and hope to avoid that once drain in today. Thanks everyone for your replies. Good to know we're not alone

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Thanks for your help. We have survived the night as he couldn't have gone anywhere last night and we know there's no bed as we're having it at 11 today. Waited since Monday. At least the drain should help.

Hi hope you are both ok. Hospital app today turned into 9 hours to have his ascites drained too. Feeling sore but hopefully will feel better for a few weeks until next time.

He ended up in on wed eventually drain late thurs pm and told won't go home then told will so I was there 9 hours and we eventually got home at 11pm. He's doing okay. Second one he's had I hope no more. Hope things settle with you x

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