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Fatty Liver Question

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I amnew here. I recently had a CT with contrast of chest, abdomen and pelvis as follow up to radiation for metastatic prostate cancer. All clear, happily, but one observation by the radiologist concerns me and I am not sure what it fully means.

“HEPATOBILIARY: Hepatic steatosis. No focal liver lesion or biliary dilatation.”

I had a PET/CT scan in April 2018 that showed. “No abnormal uptake” under Hepatobiliary.

My last blood test in November showed

AST 20 u/l

ALT 18 u/l

ALK 78 u/l

ALB 3.8 g/dL

LDH 148 u/l

Total bilirubin 0.3 mg/dl

I am not overweight. I have 2 glasses (5oz) of wine with dinner each night

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Hi Donny, I presume you had lots of medicinal treatment for your cancer episode. Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver can occur due to meds as well as other causes. It looks from your blood numbers that your liver isn't inflamed but is showing some fatty build up.

Have a read at the British Liver Trust page about Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver disease (NAFLD) and see if there is any guidance there that can help you try to reverse some of this change. It might be down to your meds during the cancer treatment.


All the best for the future and good news on the cancer all clear.


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donny1234 in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you AyrshireK. Yes I was on a drug (Zytiga) for 2 months (May/June) that my liver function blood test showed a bad reaction to and Dr. took me off. I will definitely follow up on your British Liver Trust link. Thanks

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