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Fibroscan finally ordered

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After months of seeing different doctors, the new gastro Dr. I saw today has ordered a fibroscan. I had seen a hepatologist and said there was no way I had liver disease because he didn't see anything in bloodwork or cs or ultrasound that my regular Doc had done. This gastro dr. today said the same things to start as the others did.

He saw the tests that have been run and said this doesn't appear to be liver related. I said to him that the same tests are being run and Id like something different to be done. I said a fibroscan. He said okay, well you're not going to take what I say so I will order it. He then says even if you get this test. its not going to change anything. I replied "I have been feeling this way for a year. Am I supposed to give up? I'm looking for a diagnosis. I have tried changing my diet. I no longer drive, bloating, no appetite and numerous other symptoms etc."

He then says "Well, I want to help you." I thanked him wholeheartedly for listening. This whole process of Dr.s saying this is just depression and its mental illness are ways of drs. dismissing you. The more I research this, I read about this happening to many people. After having another ultrasound the technician remembered me from last Feb and asked why they weren't doing something else. I said I don't know. they think its all in my mind. She then told me a similar story of herself being told depression and then being rushed to ER. In the United States it seems to be their "go to" diagnosis.

Sorry for the rant but finally this Dr. actually looked at me and listened to my history. As for his comment of well, this wont change anything so not sure why I would want to do this test, I am really at a loss. He was young I guess. Anyway. it has to be approved so I'm thinking it will probably be another few weeks until I even get it. The healthcare system in the US is so broken. Thanks for listening everyone!

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Good to hear that you are getting the FibroScan because it should settle the question of whether or not your liver is healthy or unhealthy. The doctor was right in the sense that it won't make any difference to the way you need to live to take care of your liver but it should remove any ambiguity as to the health of your liver which is a good thing.

I recently had an MRI after 2 ultrasounds & 2 FibroScans (all free under Medicare in Australia) & the MRI confirmed what the ultrasounds & FibroScans found namely that my liver is healthy & all I had was hepatitis after 30 plus years of taking painkillers, drinking alcohol, taking supplements etc.

I still have pruritus as bad as ever so something isn't right but maybe it will eventually disappear if I continue to live clean, exercise daily & learn to manage stress through meditation etc.

If your FibroScan score is in the normal healthy F0-F1 range or even if you have a moderate degree of fibrosis then your symptoms are probably not due to your liver.

Hi buffy154,

We live in the US. My husband was hospitalized in 2015 in liver and kidney failure, he is now doing fairly well and more active.

I can't comment on your local treatment as I don't know you or your healthcare system, but our experience here has been fine. Sometimes it isn't the system itself it is more of a local problem.

Have you been tested for the hepatitis illnesses? My husband's liver doctor has never had us go for a fibroscan and it seems from my readings and some comments on this site that it is not the end all in a diagnosis.

I do know that sometimes we, as patients, get caught up in what we think is wrong with us and then push for that when we would be better to write down all our symptoms and take those notes to the doctor.

Good to hear that you have a doctor you are more comfortable with and who has listened to you.

Best wishes to you,


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buffy154 in reply to mncold

Thanks for responding. I have had others that have told me their bloodwork and ultrasounds looked fine with stage 4 disease with all the same symptoms I'm having. I was tested for all the hep. diseases. I have been going to drs for a year. I did this to myself with alcohol so I'm just looking for a confirmation and guidance. When you know something is wrong with your body its just frustrating when Dr. s say it's all in your head. I have to wait another month for this fibroscan. I have asked for this test for 7 months. It's not expensive and is accurate if you have severe liver disease or no disease. It's not great for in between stages. I should have been able to have had this with my history which I have told all the dr.s of the alcoholism. Fibroscan is another tool that will give DR.s their scientific basis of helping. Until they see something on paper most will not acknowledge anything or, in my case, not go further with testing because they don't think there is anything wrong. I am not unusual with Dr.s not believing you and then your labeled as difficult. I have read and been told on this site of Dr.s brushing you aside and chalking it up to mental illness. Sorry for long reply.

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