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Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis & Kidney Damage

I have a telephone interview later this afternoon talking about liver disease. I've just been brushing up on my knowledge of all things liver related, and have just been checking on any medical advances that are currently on going.

I have come across this little snippet that maybe of interest to some of you.

While the use of stem cell therapy may be controversial with some people, I think this field of medical research does look promising.

There is presently a lot of interesting liver research being carried out in the east, and I like to keep an eye on things currently being researched in Australia. For those of you who are interested, I suggest having a read of the whole published article on this page before watching the video:

Although this item was first publish/posted up some 3-years ago. This page is an update version on the original story, and was posted up a few months ago.

As a lot of people will know, there just aren't enough livers out there to keep up with the demand, so research into alternative methods need to be found. This is still work in progress, so I'd hate to give false hopes to anyone, this is just for information purposes only.

Best Wishes.

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Hi Richard64,

Thank you for the post, any new or newish possible help is good to hear about. I try to let hubby's liver doctor know of things I "hear" on this site, so I'm always willing to look at them.

Best wishes,


In the UK having to opt out of organ donation should make a big difference. I asked my ankle specialist about stem cell replacement, he said it is early days and a lot more research with good evidence needs to be available. Those lucky enough to be under a Teaching Hospital would likely be approached for trials. It does sound promising .

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