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Esophageal varices


Can you get sore throat with esophageal varices? I had stage 1 about 4 weeks ago, but since yesterday, I was eating some food and noticed a horrible shock kind of pain when I swallowed... if i chew my food to a paste it doesn't hurt.. same with liquids, but anything bulk that goes down gives me a horrible pain... almost like when u press really hard on a bruise.. as the varices get worse can they cause pain without bleeding?

Every bloody day something else starts to happen and it's depressing me so much.

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You didn't have banding did you? You might expect symptoms like you are having if you'd had banding otherwise no this wouldn't be a typical symptom of having varices.

My hubby never experienced any pain with varices, never knew he even had such a thing until they bled and even then no pain. Only pain he's had with varices was post banding,


ktan49 in reply to AyrshireK

Thanks for reply.. no banding just said I had 4 varices at grade 1. It's awful.. 8ve resorted to eating soup as that's the only thing that doesn't hurt ..

Julie8 in reply to ktan49

It sounds like you’re goi g through a very fed up time. It’s like we can cope if things tick along but as soon as another problem happens you get taken right back to the feelings you had when first diagnosed. I was told I had an umbilical hernia the other day and all day I was ranting and cussing. So hope you can cope emotionally we’re all here for you.

Brett11 in reply to Julie8

I’ve got an umbilical hernia also. Lovely thing that it is NOT!!

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