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Bye bye “Ernie” the Hernia!

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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all as well as can be?

Sorry not posted for ages, been up and down with things. Well I finally had my “Ernie” the hernia operation done on 17/9/18 at the Royal Free. I was on the waiting list for 8 months but at my last surgeon appt, they prioritised me due to the pain I was constantly in. My hernia was on the right hand side along my scar and had been causing me pain for ages.

Turns out Ernie was bigger than my surgeon first thought and was partly trapped under my rib cage too. It was 25cm x 15cm!!!!!! No wonder it was hurting so much eh.

Operation was 3.5 hours and successful. Was in hospital for 7 days. It’s now been nearly 3 weeks since I had it done.

34 Staples were removed on Friday which has helped a bit. They wanted to leave them in for near on 3 weeks as MMF meds apparently takes longer for the body to heal (?).

I had my transplant in January 2017, an emergency operation 12 hours later from ICU as I had a bleed and now my hernia operation. I was blessed that my surgeon has done all 3 of my operations.

I’m praying that I’m finally on the road to recovery. Going to be a slow one again and I’m back to no driving, no lifting and not overdoing it again.

I have had a “side tuck”, not a tummy tuck!

Sending love to you all. Nicki xxxx

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Hey good to see you. This app has changed my name from sheri44. I'm so glad you're healing & feeling good. I had my hernia removed after 1.8 months of being on the list ( they forgot about me ) please take it easy. Unfortunately due to the anti rejection drugs the mesh they used got infected I was told this could happen and it did with me. So hernia repair in September removed mesh in November. My hernia wasn't as big as yours. Take it very slow no lifting driving etc vanilla blush make some fantastic vests just plain vest tops with support in to help support you. Well worth buying one when you have healed. Heal well & good luck. Enjoy duvet days & box sets for a while. 😁 I'm sure you will be fine I had loads going on medically which didn't help the situation. Xx

Congrats on your hernia operation. I thought our hernias were going to elope?

My hernia just built an airport and is growing bigger by the day. It hurts like buggery and is affecting my way of life but my surgeon says that I have to live with it as it’s not killing me yet.

Mines an umbilical hernia and I’m preop lol. Sounds like I’m on a sex change waiting list. Hold on!! I better double check!!! I don’t want them cutting off the wrong bits!!



Great to hear that you’ve said goodbye to Ernie the hernia. Wishing you a successful recovery. Take care

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