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Hi, I have had NAFLD for over 10 years. This last 18 months I felt things had become worse and pestered my GP to refer me to a Hepatologist. The Hepatologist was dismissive at first and said as my liver had been fatty for so long it was very unlikely to develop into anything else and discharged me. She must have had second thoughts because she wrote to arrange for an ELF test. This came back showing a result of 9.30 which I believe is moderate fibrosis. She then sent me for an ultrasound scan and the technician who did the scan told me there were no changes to worry about so it must have been the same as three years ago when I had fatty liver and no fibrosis. I had the ELF test in March and the scan 8 weeks ago and she still hasn't contacted me. My question is which is more accurate, the ELF test or the ultrasound and which one is the Hepatologist likely to go by?

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Good morning,

I hope that you have an imminent appointment coming up with your consultant to discuss the findings, if not you should make one as otherwise everything that the doctor looks at is going to be out of date.

Generally it is a combination of test results that will guide the hepatologist as to how the liver is. Regular followup is very important.

Have you had a look at the Trust publication on NAFLD? The link is as follows:

Please feel free to call the helpline as well if you woudl like to talk to one of the liver specialist nurses0800 652 7330 (10:00 to 15:00 MOnday to Friday)

angedogs in reply to Trust5

Hi Trust5

Thank you for your reply. I have read the information on NAFLD on the Trust site. That's my concern, that the information will all be out of date by the time I hear from the doctor especially as it has been 6 months since I had the ELF test and almost 9 weeks since the ultrasound. I did phone the Hepatologist's secretary two days ago and she told me the Hepatologist is extremely busy because two other Hepatology consultants have recently left the hospital. I just hope I don't have to wait too long because I am getting stressed and worried. I will give the liver specialist nurses a call. Thank you for your help.

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