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What to put on a CV

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Morning all

Hubby was given the all clear to go back to work after his latest appointment on Tuesday 4 months post tx. 😁

However he has a gap on his cv of 3 years due to not being able to continue to work as a chef as it was not safe for him to do so.

Why how we have found a perfect job opportunity of working in a concert school with Waitrose but am unsure of what to write for the 3 year gap.

All advice welcome

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Be up front and tell them. You don’t have to go into details but just say you had a life changing very serious health issues.

Hope it goes well

Yes, be honest it's all you can do really. I got back to work about a 8 months after transplant. Could have been earlier but didn't feel the need to rush back into things.

Some employers are going to err on the side of caution and think you're forever going to be off sick, but I made the decision I didn't want to work for them anyway.

In fact I'm now working at a university (and loving it), when I was asked to describe something I'd done that I was proud of, I said being sat in that interview right there as a year ago I was so sick I couldn't even think about work, and wasn't sure I'd be around let alone get back to work.

Just put:

Sept 1st 2015 - Current Date Unable to work due to illness, now recovered (organ transplant) and eager to get back to work.

The reason I would mention "organ transplant" is because I know that having long periods of time off will worry some employers as they might think you were off with stress or depression. Rightly or wrongly people might think it could happen again. And not mentioning the liver, as I know a lot of people jump to all sorts of conclusions. Once you're in the interview you can elaborate if you need to.

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OK thanks

He can't go back into proper chefing as the hours are too long & they don't get proper breaks

If he gets a job like the one he is going for it will he a lot lighter than a full time chef duties as he has to plan as well

Thanks for the tip with what to write

"househusband" sounds good on a CV and easily covers a 3 year employment break.

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