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Finally I can put my fears to bed


Hi, I've been posting for the past few years about concerns over my liver. I had a fibrosccan today with the BLT and my score was 5.4 kpa. I've been so worried about my health over the past few years that it's almost put my life on hold, but the hepatoligist seems to think that after my paracetamol overdose that my liver has become intolerant to alcohol and medication. I honestly think that cutting out alcohol for the past 7 months has made a difference to the score too. I just want to say thank you to everyone here for their help and all the knowledge that I've learnt to go forward and keep doing everything I can to keep my liver healthy. I know that many of you are ill or are dealing with a loved one who is ill so I really appreciate the time people have taken to answer. One of the other reasons for updating is I've often followed people's posts with symptoms similar to mine and then I've never known what happened in the end because they stopped posting.

A massive thank you to the BLT Trust too. The work they do is fantastic and all their support they offer.

I wish everyone the very best xx

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That is great news Liberty82

Take care of yourself....

Warm wishes


PS I am PM'ing you a link...

Liberty82 in reply to Trust1

Thank you Rebecca, you have been fantastic, I was in a bit of a daze when I came out so I forgot to properly thank your lovely colleagues too x

Trust1Administrator in reply to Liberty82

No probs, i will let them know :)

Hidden in reply to Liberty82

Fantastic ❤


This is really great news and I'm so glad things have all turned out well for you.

I bet this journey has been a real eye opener for you, and that your knowledge of things liver has become invaluable over the past year. You will have learnt a lot about this wondrous organ and in future have more knowledge of it's workings. The slogan, "love Your Liver" is rather apt.

I sincerely hope you won't become a stranger now that all is well.


Finally a resolve for you! Keep taking care of yourself and im ecstatic that you can finally rest knowing that has truly transpired over these months. Great time of year for it!

Great news keep it up!


Fantastic!! So pleased for you. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx

Hi Liberty, I'm so so pleased for you. Now enjoy life without worry.✌😁



That is great news, you must finally feel like you can breathe easy. Such a weight from your shoulders. My best wishes for a healthy and happy future 🌻

Thank you everyone x

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