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Fiancé diagnosed with cirrhosis 6 yrs ago... a very concerned fiancée :(


My fiancé was diagnosed with "mild cirrhosis" 6 yrs ago. He had yellow eyes after a month of excess drinking, high alt & ast levels & was given a biopsy. The doctors never really gave him a reason for the cirrhosis so he just assumed it was due to the excess drinking that month. And his dad also has yellow eyes since he could remember (his dad is almost 70). My fiancé no longer drinks except on occasion but I'm freaking out after finding out he was diagnosed with it & doing research online of what the "life expectancy" is. Is that just for severe cases of cirrhosis? Not sure how it works. But we eat a lot of fast food so I'm making him eat healthy now and I'm not sure the life expectancy applies to him since he had a mild case and his blood test levels are back to normal. Can you live many years with mild cirrhosis without needing a transplant? Or how long before you usually need a transplant? I'm very confused about the whole thing. I want him for a lifetime :( . Hopefully I can hear from those wives of patients how long your husband has been around with it

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Its doubtful if a months heavy drinking would cause cirrhosis!

Have they done tests such as a fibroscan or liver ultrasound to confirm it?

A diagnosis of cirrhosis usually means an ultrasound is done every 6 months for the rest of his life, if that's not being done he probably was never truly diagnosed.

Or sounds like his Dr has just guessed at a diagnosis and never followed it up.

Life expectancy with "mild" cirrhosis is normal as long as the causing factor is addressed.

Hi Confused.

I believe there is no such thing as mild cirrhosis. It’s like being Diagnosed as a little bit pregnant. People can lead long and healthy (ish) lives with cirrhosis. Stay off the alcohol, eat right and exercise works wonders. It sounds like your fiancé might have been mis diagnosed maybe. Cirrhosis takes a long time to develop. Not just after a months worth of drinking.




Think im giving up with online research with cirrhosis.if what they say is true, my dad wouldve been gone a long time ago.he has a decompensated liver, and now heart failure and copd.he still goes about his day.according to online, he really is a miracle and a mystery!

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