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flucloxacillin for an infected knee


My little boy of 3 fell ove and scratch his knee at the weekend today however that tiny scratch has now a raised red bump about 12cm all around it and white pus so hence took him to get checked out and it’s infected was prescribed flucloxacillin brilliant get him home settled n gave him his first dose. Not 2.5ml he took before he vomited all over 3 times I tasted the medicine usually they give a banana one for kids this tasted like poison it’s awful so not sure if it’s a side effect of the fact it’s pure utter gross can I mix the medicine with fruit juice or something to make taste better ?

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Oh bless him.they are foul some of the antibiotics.i would ask your pharmacist if they can get a flavoured one and explain what happened.they may be able to change it? is it sugar free ? Theyre usually the worst tasting ones!

I think flucloxacillin is taken on an empty stomach or half-one hr before food and two hrs after a meal so yet again double check.some people take it with yoghurt.

Hope his infection gets cleared up asap



We think you may have posted in the wrong place?

This is the British Liver Trust forum for the support of adults with liver disease.

We would suggest that you get advice regarding your son's medications from your own GP.

We wish you both well,


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