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PBC need fibroscan



I was dx with PBC may 2017. Still waiting for heptologist appt! I have a lovely gastro man here in Northern Ireland but again only seen him twice !! And not had any type of scan to see what stage I am at 😞 I’m prepared to to now pay for a fibroscan as I keep having massive AI flairs and pain . Gp is useless !!

Anyone know anywhere that would do a private one in Northern Ireland ?

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Hi W_larks.

As far as I'm aware (stand to be corrected) the only Fibroscan in NI is at the Royal. It was donated to the hospital from fundraising secured by the RVH Liver Supprt Group. Again to my knowledge, because it was donated the hospital are not allowed to do private scans.

I was diagnosed with PBC in 2015 and have yet to be offered a Fibroscan but like yourself would love to know what stage my PBC is at. I've had 2 liver biopsies but as it's only a small sample of the liver I personally think the Fibroscan would be better.

Glad you have got a good Gastro Consultant as not many GPs/health works are aware of this rare disease. Hope you get to see the Heptologist soon.

Take care


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