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Hey guys. I'm waiting for a referral to a GI doc, because my alt is 184, AST 75, alp 193. Those are up from two weeks ago 122,45,184. I quit drinking 60 days ago. They were all in normal range for all the years I've been drinking. Why up after quitting? Also, US of liver showed borderline right lobe and question of mild fatty infiltration. I'm worried to death I have fibrosis or hep c. Things are supposed to get better after getting sober! Tired of googleing. Just called them. Doc put referral in as "routine". Gonna be few days. Routine for him maybe!!!

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Update. Saw gi specialist Tuesday. Gave 8 vials of blood. Everything came back in pretty good normal ranges. My AST is down to 71. ALT is down to 127. ALP is down to 144. My protein is lower than it usually is, but still in normal range. I haven't talked to doc about results yet, but does this mean my liver is repairing itself? Anyone know?


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