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HAVE I gone completely mad ! Or am I a Miracle,mistaken ,misunderstood.mistreated miserable MISTAKE ,

Finding this really hard to put , As I am in shock thank god I kept every letter diagnosis .

I had hospital yesterday dr said I have no cirrhosis I had an X-ray and I have blockages of stools all threw I and stop the lactaloze and have to take two day .

Oh I was asked if I ever had a liver biopsy which I ain't I'm sorry that this post is like a robot with no feelings but I can't put down as you all already no the hell when your diagnosed .the feeling the guilt the shock . I Must be a miracle of me own madness! I need advice and I need to do what I have to do as nobody none should be left to deal with this shit again ever

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I have no idea what is going on with the doctors you are seeing. I totally understand why you feel so discombobulated.

You might want to make copies of the letters you have received from other doctors and take these copies to the doctor you are seeing now.

This would just confuse me more.

Good luck and best wishes, Mary


Thank you so much I got all the papers from the day i went in and detoxed.had ct contrast which showed no cirrhosis but the last ultra sound said in keeping with early cirrhosis.

The neuroligist sent letter saying I had to have managment of chronic liver disease micro nodular cirrhosis and I should be seeing hemptoligist and my meningomia was least of problems and physiatrists for me PTSD,

Thankyou for reply as I'm scared confused I am ill and that's that I feel as I never got another follow up or maybe I get sent one

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