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GGT result

Hi just wondered if anyone could help... my bloods were done just before Xmas by gp... she thought tryglicerides were a bit high ggt 70... a consultant sent me for bloods 2wks ago and ggt was 429! I was really concerned and I am not a big drinker... as it happened I had a uti infection and she feels that could have something to do with it... two weeks on they’re down to 250 others all normal... she expects them to continue to go down by next test in two weeks ... is this common or should I be worried? Thanks for taking the time to read this essay !

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If you are worried about your drinking you should just stop, maybe this is a good time to put the breaks on. You might want to check this out as for what those levels mean .

I think they would be on the lower side rather then high when related with cirrhosis maybe. Testing for cirrhosis includes a biochemical liver panel known as liver function tests which included alanine and aspartate aminotransferase (ALT and AST), γ-glutamyl transferase (γ-GT), bilirubin, albumin, and total protein. Plus other test looking for hepatitis. You will be fine, when it comes to cirrhosis as you can read here there are so many different things people are going through or been through as this disease can mimic all other symptoms from each organ. Cirrhosis causes all kinds of problems as far as me once the drs hear you got cirrhosis then every problem is related to that, even though it may not be. So do yourself a favor and read more on what causes cirrhosis and get away from it fast.

Good luck


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Hi thanks for the reply. Thing is I am not a drinker ... my bloods were fine and out of the blue my ggt spiked... my doctor kept asking me about my drinking even though I kept telling her I hadn’t been! The consultant however felt it could have been a urinary tract infection that I had at that time... I’m still a bit worried to be honest but she assured me she was confident it would go down as it was probably due to infection and all other liver function tests were normal... I was just shocked at the high number ... will be having bloods repeated every couple of weeks for now anyway to see if it goes back to normal ...


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